Facial Features: The Nose

The nose is a delicate structure composed of bone, cartilage and skin that forms passageways through which air is breathed. Though the nose has an important physical function, it also plays a large role in the overall harmony of facial features. Eyes, lips and cheekbones are noticed during a first meeting, but so is the nose. If your nose is overly large or bent from an injury, it can detract from the rest of your features. If you feel less confident and shy away from social situations because of your nose, surgery may be a viable option.


Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is a procedure designed to reshape the nose, for aesthetic or physical reasons. Interested patients may choose the surgery to improve the overall balance of the face, while others may need rhinoplasty to repair damage from an injury or open breathing passageways. Whatever the reason, if you are considering rhinoplasty surgery, be sure to find the right cosmetic surgeon.

Find a Specialist

Opting for a specialist in rhinoplasty or facial reconstruction is often the wisest move, as specialists have received extended training in the field and spend the majority of their time reconstructing the nose or facial features. Here are some traits and experiences to look for in any potential cosmetic surgeon:

  • Education — Ask how many years your potential surgeon spent in school or learning his or her specific skill set. Look for surgeons with no less than five years of surgical training, as well as at least two years specializing in plastic surgery. If you can, find one with additional years training solely on the face or nose.
  • Fellowship Trained — Certifications are a must. Make sure your potential rhinoplasty surgeon is fellowship trained in facial plastic surgery.
  • Operates at Accredited Medical Facilities — Make sure your physician uses accredited medical facilities to perform surgeries.
  • Client Satisfaction — One of the best ways to decide on a surgeon is to talk with clients. Ask about their experiences throughout the entire process, from first consultation to one year later. Find out if they needed any revisions to their surgery, and if so, for what reasons.

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh

If you seek a rhinoplasty surgeon with years of training with the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, CA, and one who specializes in facial surgeries, look no further than Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh. Dr. Kulbersh’s talent for finding the delicate harmony of your facial features is truly remarkable. His dedication to his patients and his craft are easily visible in the world-class results he produces. Call Carolina Facial Plastic Surgery today for a rhinoplasty surgery consultation, and start on your way to a more beautiful you.

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