Street Names in Charlotte

While the sections of Charlotte may sound simple and easy, such as Uptown, Midtown, and South End, street names can get extremely confusing, like mining for gold. For example, Charlotte’s intersection located in Myers Park is nicknamed “The Bermuda Triangle” due to how unconventional the intersection is. It is the intersection of Queens, Queens, Providence, and Providence, which may sound impossible to visualize, but a map has been attached below for visualization.

Another typical occurrence in Charlotte is the strange situation where one street turns into another street in one direction but another street in the other direction. For example, Queens Road turns into Morehead in one direction. However, if you go the other direction, it turns into Selwyn Road.

In Charlotte, you must also be very careful about whether something is a street, lane, or etc. This is because there are several roads named Sharon. These include Sharon Road, Sharon Lane, Sharon View, and Sharon Amity. Typing in the wrong road name into google maps could lead to disastrous results in where you are going.

Finally, the same road could turn into several different roads if you just continue going straight. Right by the airport, there’s a road named Idlewild. However, if you keep going straight, it turns into Rama, then Sardis, then Fairview, then Tyvola, then you’re at the airport. All these name changes in such a short distance can get extremely confusing.

Our recommendation for learning how to get around these confusing road names and orientations would be to just get out there and make some mistakes. Try to challenge yourself and refrain from using navigation while getting your favorite BBQ. If you make a mistake it is only a learning opportunity. They’re inevitable, so you might as well make some and learn from them.

More about Charlotte here.


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