Botox For A Gummy Smile


Botox to treat gummy smile results in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon Discusses How Botox Can Treat A Gummy Smile

Dr. Kulbersh: Today we’re going to talk about using Botox or Dysport to treat patients with a gummy smile. Some people have a beautiful smile, but when they smile, their lip raises so high that not only do you see a lot of their teeth but also a lot of their gum line. In those patients, we can use a slight amount of Botox or Dysport to slightly weaken the muscles that raise up the lip so that you just can’t lift up your lip quite as high when you’re smiling. So you can see just as much teeth as you normally can, you just see less of the gummy part. So it just softens and makes the smile more refreshed by softening that gummy smile. Botox and Dysport can be a great option to improve a gummy smile. Thank you.

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