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¿Cómo está afectando Obamacare rellenos faciales en Charlotte

Juvéderm Charlotte“Obamacare” or the American health affortibily act may have an effect on your facial fillers in Charlotte. The types of fillers in question include hyaluranic acid based fillers like Restylane, Juvaderm, and Perlane as well as collagen stimulator Sculptra. Obamacare has added multiple taxes to the health care industry, and one of the newer taxes is a 2.3% tax on medical device manufacturers. Medical device manufacturers make every possible piece of equipment or medical device used in and on the body. Some of these are large fortune 500 companies, including the makers of popular facial fillers Allergan and Valent. Allergan produces and sells Botox and Juvéderm, while Valant produces and sells Dysport, Resylane, Perlane, and Sculptra. These companies are now required to pay an additional 2.3% tax on the profit of all of these products. For these reasons, many experts expect medical device manufactors to raise their prices to cover the added cost and therefore shifting the tax onto the patients, hospitals, and health insurance companies.

The manufactors of all facial fillers recently raised their prices approximately 2.3%. While I cannot prove this was a direct effect from the Obamacare tax, it seems likely. I would expect the prices of all facial fillers to increase steadily over the next few months to years to cover this added tax.

In the grand scheme of medicine, the added increase of the cost to rellenos faciales en Charlotte is secondary to this new tax and is not a catastrophic event. The addition of this tax on the entire industy of medical device companies will have a much larger impact. The ultimate result of the tax on the health care industry remains to be seen.

Rellenos faciales en Charlotte

To help my patients, I recently placed a large order of facial fillers at the old price before the price increase. This will help keep the cost of facial fillers in Charlotte down for the foreseeable future. My patients will still be able to enjoy excellent and natural results without worrying about the burden of the tax increase.

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