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Get Rid of “Grandma Ears” for Good

You look fantastic for your age. You’ve been exercising well, but not too much. Eating vegetables, fruits, high-quality proteins, good fats. Meditating. Seeing your dermatologist regularly for anti-aging treatments that keep your face and hands looking 10 years younger than your birth certificate says they should. But there’s one part of your body that isn’t Continue Reading >>

The One Time You Don’t Want to Look Like Angelina Jolie

During an appointment with a facial plastic surgeon, patients often request that the surgeon make them look like a celebrity. Thanks to her full lips and high cheekbones, Angelina Jolie is a favorite among young women seeking to make improvements to their faces. It’s important to realize, however, that the celebrities we see in movies, Continue Reading >>

Not Scarred for Life: How Scar Treatment Can Make Your Skin Glow Again

Acne, burns, and accidents can cause facial trauma that may leave behind scars that are embarrassing or disfiguring. There are a few things that may improve the appearance of scars, such as using over-the-counter scar-treatment products, moisturizing the area with cocoa butter or another emollient, and disguising them with special cosmetics. However, if these measures Continue Reading >>

Why You Should Choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon Over a Plastic Surgeon for Your Facial Procedure

The difference between the two specialties is what sets Carolina Facial Plastics apart as the premier boutique aesthetics practice in Charlotte. As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and has dedicated his career to ensuring that his patients receive the expert care and natural-looking results they deserve. While Continue Reading >>

Restore Facial Volume with Dermal Fillers

While it is true that lines and wrinkles can make a person look much older and more tired than they really are, an often-overlooked aspect of the effects of age on one’s appearance is the loss of volume around the temples. As a person ages, the fat pads in temple region begin to shrink creating Continue Reading >>

4 Top Cosmetic Procedures for Men

As men continue to shed the taboos associated with undergoing skin rejuvenation or facial plastic surgery, quality Charlotte facial plastic surgeons understand the different goals that men seek compared to women. At Charlotte boutique facial aesthetics practice Carolina Facial Plastics, we take the time to understand our clients’ goals in order to customize skin rejuvenation Continue Reading >>

7 Interesting Facts about Dermal Fillers

Aesthetic treatments aim to limit the impact that a wide variety of skin conditions have on one’s appearance. Laser technology, plastic surgery, neuromodulators (e.g., Botox), and facial peels are all common treatments that Charlotte facial plastic surgeons can employ to help improve one’s appearance. Dermal fillers are another class of cosmetic treatments in Charlotte that Continue Reading >>

Botox for Bell’s Palsy and Synkinesis

Facial paralysis happens when nerves connected to the facial muscles are damaged for one reason or another. Depending on the severity of the damage, the paralysis can affect either the entire face or just a smaller portion. Regardless of the cause or even the extent of the facial paralysis, it often raises both aesthetic and Continue Reading >>

Get Ready for Summer with These Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Summer is just around the corner and many people are finalizing their plans, many of which involve being outdoors and enjoying the warm, sunny weather. It’s also the time of year when people who aren’t diligent about protecting their skin suffer the consequences of their lax attitude toward the sun in the form of wrinkles, Continue Reading >>

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