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Terri Edson, medical aesthetician

Terri Edson is the medical aesthetician at Carolina Facial Plastics. Terri brings to our practice over 10 years of experience in the facial plastic and skincare industry. She understands the unique needs of each patient and will create a personalized treatment plan incorporating medical grade skin care for each patient. Terri has extensive training in the treatment of acne, aging skin, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, and rosacea. Terri offers treatments, such as, chemical peels, dermaplane treatments, and micro needling. She is also skilled in laser treatments. Terri has performed over 10,000 Chemical Peels, 1,000 + Lasers, and 3,000+ Microneedling procedures.

She has a passion for skincare and for the people she treats. Terri and Dr. Kulbersh enjoy working closely together to come up with the best skincare regimen for their patients.

Terri often gives out her cell phone number to be available to patients. Anytime they need skincare, patients are encouraged to text her and she will mail it or leave it at the front desk to make it easy for them. Whatever you need, Terri can do!

Exceptional patient care is of the utmost importance and she is committed to creating a valuable connection with patients. While not a social media user, Terri strives to be your real-life support for healthy skin. She looks forward to meeting you!

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