Botox in Charlotte, NC

Botox in Charlotte, NC Overview

Treats: Dynamic wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes

Length: 15 minutes

Anesthesia: None needed

In/Outpatient: Outpatient

Side Effects: Mild swelling around the injection sites possible for a day or two

Risks: Minimal when procedure is performed by an experienced injector

Recovery: Most patients return to regular schedule immediately following the procedure

Duration of Results: 3-4 months

Remarkable Care, Exceptional Results

botox wrinkle treatment in charlotte, nc


“I always have the best experience with Courtney! My Botox always turns out perfect with her! She has such a gentle hand, you can barely feel any pricks. She truly cares and listens to your concerns. The whole office takes great precautions to keep you safe at this time, all while being welcoming and warm. 10/10 recommend Courtney and Carolina Facial Plastics!”

-ElisaE, RealSelf 


botox forehead injections in charlotte, nc

At Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, Botox is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed by our board-certified nurse practitioner, Courtney Whitley FNP-C, and our board-certified physician assistants, Heather Bryant, MPAS, PA-C, and Amanda Piligian, PA-C.

Botox is an effective non-surgical skin treatment option for numerous signs of aging and other concerns.

While Botox has become a household name, there remains misinformation and confusion about its indications and results.

Our team of expert injectors help to educate patients about this popular cosmetic procedure, to ensure patients get the best treatments for the best results.

The top aesthetic destination of the south, Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, NC , is led by double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh.

With his team of cosmetic experts, a fully accredited surgery center, and a private recovery retreat all located in the heart of South Park, Carolina Facial Plastics is known for unparalleled and natural-looking results exclusively for the face.

botox before and after in charlotte, nc

Botox, also called botulinum toxin type A, is created by bacteria. Bacteria have been responsible for creating other important medications, including penicillin.

Botox is a toxin that blocks the interaction between the nerve and the muscle. It prevents the nerve from stimulating a muscle to contract or move.

The medical history of Botox originated in the 1970s, and Cosmetic Botox was introduced in the 1990s.

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botox fine lines and wrinkles treatment in charlotte, nc

Botox is a medical injectable treatment that targets specific muscles of the face. After Botox is injected into the muscle, it will prevent or weaken a particular muscle movement.

This limitation of muscle movement allows for Botox to be effective in a variety of clinical situations. This treatment doesn’t require any surgery or incisions to the skin.

Two types of wrinkles can form on the facial skin. Repetitive muscle movements cause one type of wrinkle.

The repetitive muscle movement causes a crease or furrow that will continually deepen over time. These lines and wrinkles can be effectively treated with Botox injections at our Charlotte office.

When Botox targets the muscles causing the wrinkles, it prevents the overlying skin movement and allows the skin to smooth out over time.

The aging process and exposure to UV light cause the other type of facial wrinkle on the skin. Dermal fillers and other cosmetic skin treatments address these lines and creases best.

smooth out fine lines and wrinkles with neuromodulators in Charlotte, NC

At Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, NC, you can receive Botox injections for both functional and cosmetic purposes.

Aesthetically, Botox is used for a variety of indications, including:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Gummy smile
  • Slenderizing a wide jawline
  • Eliminating fine lines on the skin

Common treatment areas for Botox wrinkle treatment include:

  • 11 lines between the eyes
  • Forehead horizontal creases
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Smoker lines around the lips
  • Banding lines in the neck

Botox injections can also be used to treat a gummy smile. Some patients have excess movement of the upper lip when they smile, revealing the teeth and the gum line.

Using a conservative amount of Botox, the muscles that raise the upper lip are targeted to prevent full movement of the upper lip. This treatment can significantly soften and improve a gummy smile.

Some patients in Charlotte have a wide jawline due to an enlarged masseter (chewing) muscle. This muscle may increase in size with clenching or grinding. Some patients may also be born with a large muscle.

When Botox is injected into the masseter, it reduces the size. This can have a slimming effect on the lower third of the face.

This is a common treatment for patients of Asian descent who tend to have a wider jawline and patients with a history of grinding or clenching.

Botox can also be combined with other cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers or laser skin rejuvenation to further enhance the results for a patient and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

patient receiving Botox injections in Charlotte, NC

In addition to treating fine lines in the skin, Botox can be used to treat the following medical conditions in Charlotte patients:

  • Hyperhidrosis (excess facial or underarm sweating)
  • Bruxism (grinding and/or clenching of teeth)
  • Migraine headaches

Benefits of Botox treatment also include:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Little to no downtime
  • Safe and little to no pain
  • Very quick sessions
  • No plastic surgery needed

botox med spa in charlotte, nc

A Botox treatment at our Charlotte medical clinic typically takes just a few minutes to complete.

The needle used for the procedure is very small, so most patients find the session to be very comfortable without the need for topical numbing on the skin.

Once your treatment is completed, you are free to return to your regular activities.

botox medical spa in charlotte, nc

Botox results are temporary. The average patient will need a repeat treatment 3-4 months after their first procedure.

Some patients get lucky and maintain longer-lasting results. Some patients also find that after having repeat Botox treatments, they can begin to go a bit longer between sessions. However, that is not true for all patients.


Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, NC is the premiere destination for a vast array of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including Botox treatment.

Our injectors pride themselves on superior results and seek to tailor the treatment to your individual concerns and desires.

To schedule a consultation to learn more about Botox treatment at Carolina Facial Plastics, you may either fill out an online consultation request form or contact us at 704-323-5090.

We look forward to seeing you at our Mecklenberg County office.


Frequently asked questions

Microbotox is a temporary treatment that involves superficial injections just below the skin’s surface. This treatment has shown to reduce pore size, reduce acne inflammation and scar appearance, tighten and smooth skin, eliminate fine lines, and reduce oil production. By injecting superficially, we avoid the ‘freezing’ effect that can occur with deeper Botox injections. Schedule your microbotox injections in our office in Charlotte, NC.


Botox injections at our office in Charlotte are very well-tolerated. We take many steps to ensure the comfort of our patients during treatment. As a general rule with injections, the needle’s size directly correlates to the level of discomfort patients will experience. At our office, we use the smallest needle possible for these injections. Additionally, a sharp needle will be better tolerated than a dull needle. For this reason, we will use multiple fresh needles during the injection to limit discomfort. The injections themselves take 2-7 minutes to complete.


We believe age is not a determining factor when starting Botox. The timing is primarily based on the patient’s anatomy. Patients should begin treatments when they develop fine lines or wrinkles in the areas of repetitive muscle movement that do not go away when the face is at rest. Fine lines can occur in patients as early as their 20s or much later.


Botox is commonly used to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead, the 11 lines, crow’s feet, and smoker’s lines. Contact our office in Charlotte, NC, to schedule your preventative Botox appointment.


We understand that patients are concerned about the cost of Botox, but this should be a secondary concern for patients. The most important decision a patient will make is who they choose to perform their injection. Patients should not underestimate the skill and talents of the injector, as this is the single most important factor in ensuring a positive result.

With this in mind, it is likely that more experienced and highly trained injectors will have a higher price than less experienced professionals. Generally speaking, there is not a huge difference in overall cost between the highest-priced and lowest-priced cost of Botox. The cost will depend on the number of areas treated and the units required. Typically, men have stronger muscles and will require a larger dose than women. For this reason, it is common for men’s treatments to be more expensive. Our staff will be able to give a price estimate for Botox in Charlotte over the phone if requested.

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