Brow Lift in Charlotte, NC

Lift saggy brows, open your eyes, and refresh your appearance with a brow lift. Enjoy subtle, natural-looking results from a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon with 15+ years of experience.

A forehead that has fallen over time, leading to hooding over the eyes and deep creases in the brow
1-2 hours
Swelling and bruising after the procedure for about 5 days
Anytime a patient has any kind of surgery, there is a risk of bleeding, infection, scarring, or side effects from anesthesia.
5-7 days for most patients
5-10 years, depending on the type of brow lift performed

Remarkable Results, Exceptional Care

“I chose Dr. Kulbersh after a great deal of research and consultations for a brow lift I met with doctors in the Raleigh/Durham area and then selected Dr Kulbersh in Charlotte which is over 2 hrs away. In the consult he asked what my goals were then he explained that just a lower blepharoplasty would not produce the results I desired. He suggested an upper and lower blepharoplasty and a brow lift. He was very clear in explaining what would change and what would not change. This showed me he cared to set a realistic expectation. The results of the procedure were above and beyond what I could ever have hoped for with a very natural look. I could not provide a higher recommendation for Dr. Kulbersh and his team.”

-Christie C, Yelp

Open your eyes and lift drooping eyebrows

A brow lift, or forehead lift, elevates a saggy brow line and takes the heaviness out of the upper eyelid region. With nearly two decades of experience performing brow lifts for cosmetic reasons, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh can:

  • Enhance your vision by lifting your brows out of your visual field
  • Refresh your upper eyelids
  • Lift your eyebrows to a younger, more aesthetically pleasing position
  • Precisely adjust the arch of your brows to better frame the eyes

Why Choose Dr. Kulbersh for Your Brow Lift

  • 5+ years recognized as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, ensuring you receive high-quality care from a brow lift surgeon recognized by his peers 
  • Voted Best Facial Plastic Surgeon by Charlotte Magazine’s BOB Awards 5 years in a row
  • Training under renowned Beverly Hills oculoplastic (eye plastic surgery) surgeon Dr. Guy Massry, giving Dr. Kulbersh expert knowledge in the delicate anatomy and aesthetics of the eye and brow region
  • Experience in four unique brow lift techniques — one-centimeter incision, direct, coronal, and endoscopic brow lift — so that he can tailor his approach to meet your needs 
  • 2,000+ facial plastic surgery procedures performed, offering unmatched experience
  • Double board-certified in facial plastic surgery, focusing exclusively on facial aesthetics
  • Delivering the highest safety standards as a member of the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF)

Why Choose Carolina Facial Plastics?

Choosing Carolina Facial Plastics for your brow lift gives you:

  • Safety and convenience with surgery performed in our fully accredited Fairview Surgical Suites
  • A comfortable, luxurious recovery opportunity in the private, fully staffed Fairview Recovery Retreat suites
  • 1:1 care from Dr. Kulbersh and a board-certified anesthesiologist from Providence Anesthesia, the leading anesthesia provider in the Charlotte area
  • Post-operative care directly from Dr. Kulbersh and his board-certified team, including in-person visits and virtual calls if you live out of state
  • Access to transportation services and other concierge arrangements, taking the stress out of your post-operative care
  • Care at a convenient location in the heart of SouthPark, so you don’t have to travel across town to your appointments

Your Brow Lift Experience


The first step in designing your personalized treatment plan is understanding your reasons for wanting a brow lift. Whether you’re most concerned about deep forehead lines, heavy sagging brows, drooping eyelids, or a combination of all four, Dr. Kulbersh considers your needs when recommending the best treatment approach. Once he determines the right type of brow lift, he can tell you what to expect for preparation, surgery, and recovery time.

Dr. Kulbersh’s expert team will coordinate with you to choose a surgery date and time that works well with your schedule. They can also help you map out your transportation and recovery arrangements to ensure your surgery experience is as stress-free as possible.


Once you arrive at Fairview Surgical Suites, your board-certified anesthesiologist administers anesthesia. 

Depending on the approach, your brow lift may take between 1-3 hours. After the surgery is complete, Dr. Kulbersh and his team monitor you to ensure you’re recovering as expected. They may then move you to the Fairview Recovery Suites or coordinate your transportation back home or to your hotel. Following the detailed aftercare instructions our team provides can help minimize complications and aid in a smooth recovery.

Results and Recovery

Make sure to keep your head elevated to reduce swelling during your initial recovery. You can typically resume all your normal activities within two weeks of your brow lift, but it can take several weeks for the swelling to fully subside. Your forehead and eye area should appear smoother and more youthful immediately after the procedure and continue to improve over the coming weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Kulbersh makes most brow lift incisions in areas where he can hide them, like in the upper eyebrow hairs, leaving them virtually invisible.

Expect swelling and bruising for about 10 days following your surgery. You should keep your head elevated and use a cold compress to reduce the swelling for 1-2 weeks after surgery. You can return to work or your daily activities once your bandages have been removed, typically 1-3 days after the brow lift.

The average cost of a brow lift in Charlotte, NC, is about $3,000-$11,000. The price depends on factors such as the type of procedure you need and the skill and experience of your surgeon.

Most patients see the final results of their brow lift after about one month. Results are gradual because it takes time for the body to heal and for all of the swelling to subside.

Insurance typically doesn’t cover the cost of a brow lift, since this procedure is considered cosmetic surgery.

Insurance will not cover the cost of a brow lift or forehead lift if it is performed purely for cosmetic reasons. However, if the surgery was necessary to improve a sagging forehead or eyebrow drooping that interferes with your vision, your insurance might cover part or all of the cost of a forehead lift. It is the patient’s responsibility to check with their insurance carrier for information about the degree of coverage.

Asymmetric brows have multiple causes including differences in muscle tone and the eye socket. In brows that are asymmetric due to differences in muscle tone, Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin may improve symmetry. In patients that have differences in the eye sockets, surgical procedures can improve asymmetric brows. Patients seeking absolute symmetry of the brows should be forewarned that it is difficult to achieve, but if they are looking for a significant improvement there are reliable options.

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Hear what Dr. Paul Nassif of Botched says about Dr. Kulbersh
Dr. Paul Nassif Hear what Dr. Paul Nassif of Botched says about Dr. Kulbersh

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