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"Dr. Kulbersh helped me feel much more comfortable going into the surgery. I knew what to expect. The surgery went very well, and the recovery was even better than I expected it to be. I am very pleased with my results. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in this procedure."


- 10/12/2020

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"I have been coming to Carolina Facial Plastics for a few years, and the care, attention to details and service have always been second to none. Dr. Kulbersh is an absolutely amazing doctor, and everyone in the office is extremely helpful, easy to talk to and works together to provide a perfect experience."

Michael B.

- 03/05/2019

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"Courtney is amazing! She made me feel so comfortable & didn't pressure me in the least. I got under-eye fillers & they look so natural - very minor swelling initially (no one but myself actually noticed, of course) & once they "settled," they were exactly what I'd hoped for. The actual process is slightly uncomfortable, but numbing gel is applied & it only took 5-10 mins of actual injecting in my case. Love them!"

Carolynn B.

- 01/01/2020

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"I’m so happy I found Carolina Facial Plastics and Dr. Kulbersh! I had rhinoplasty three years ago, and I felt like the surgeon just made a complete mess of my nose. I was terrified at the thought of another surgery, but after my consultation with Dr Kulbersh, I felt ready and excited for a revision. My entire experience has been absolutely amazing! I’m two weeks post op, and I know I will continue to see progress for at least a year, but I’m already thrilled with my results!! Dr. Kulbersh made sure I was happy with the plans for my new nose and thoroughly explained what to expect. We’re lucky to have him in Charlotte! I also see the PA - Heather - for fillers. She’s does amazing work! I’m a Carolina Facial Plastics fan for life!"

Rebekah A.

- 07/01/2020

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"Awesome Dr. and fantastic staff!"

Lisa Z.

- 03/27/2020

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Trained with the Top Plastic
Surgeon in Beverly Hills

Hear what Dr. Paul Nassif of Botched says about Dr. Kulbersh
Dr. Paul Nassif Hear what Dr. Paul Nassif of Botched says about Dr. Kulbersh

Meet Charlotte Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Kulbersh

Meet Dr. Kulbersh

North Carolina Cosmetic Surgeon

By focusing 100% on cosmetic treatments for the face, Dr. Kulbersh and his team of aesthetic specialists perform both surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic techniques designed to fully enhance each patient’s own unique attractiveness. It is this focus that gives Carolina Facial Plastics an expertise in facial procedures not found in other plastic surgery practices and produces exceptional results in facial enhancements.

Our practice is directed by our Beverly Hills-trained double-board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh. Along with Dr. Kulbersh, our Carolina Facial Plastics team is comprised of aesthetic specialist, Heather Bryant, MPAS, PA-C, Courtney Whitley, FNP-C, and medical aesthetician, Teri Edson and an entire back and front office team providing a level of expertise not found anywhere else in Charlotte. Our mission is to provide the ultimate in holistic and comprehensive treatments for all aesthetic and reconstructive conditions of the face, eyes, and neck. We use the latest techniques from Beverly Hills including the needleless filler injection technique to provide the best results while minimizing downtime. We will work in partnership with our patients to achieve realistic and natural results in a safe manner.

Our luxurious offices are located in Southpark area, where our first-rate patient concierges and Dr. Kulbersh will ensure a comfortable and welcoming experience at our practice. Dr. Kulbersh and our concierges will be available throughout your entire experience, whether a first consultation or a full surgical facial rejuvenation procedure. Dr. Kulbersh believes it is an honor and a privilege to serve as your doctor, and he treats his patients with the same care and respect he would give his own family. At Carolina Facial Plastics, we believe that we offer the preeminent boutique facial plastics experience not only in Charlotte, but throughout the Carolinas. Everything that we do is all about you!


Facial plastic surgery is plastic surgery performed only on the face, head, neck, nose, and eyes. There are surgeons, such as Dr. Kulbersh, who spend their entire career and practice exclusively specializing in the treatment of these areas. Common procedures of a specialized facial plastic surgeon are rhinoplasty, face and necklifts, blepharoplasty, botox, and facial fillers.

The numerous rhinoplasty treatments offered by Dr. Kulbersh include primary rhinoplasty for first time patients, revision rhinoplasty for the improvement of appearance cause by a previous surgery, ethnic rhinoplasty to preserve ethnic identity, and non-surgical rhinoplasty through the use of injections.

Those looking for facial rejuvenation can find the most effective and longest lasting solution in face lift procedures, which use a variety of procedures tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Dr. Kulbersh provides both facelifts and minilifts that can include numerous procedures, such as fat transfer, liposuction, chin augmentations, and more for effective treatments.

Sagging and swollen eyes can add years of age to the face, but a blepharoplasty from Dr. Kulbersh can open the entire face by restoring your eyes to a youthful and expressive appearance. Both upper and lower blepharoplasties can tackle the many issues that affect the appearance of your eyes and can even treat medical issues that obstruct vision for a healthier everyday life.

Through the use of Botox and various Facial Fillers, Dr. Kulbersh has provided countless patients with fast and effective treatments that fight the signs of aging and prevent further aging of the face, such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, and more. In conjunction with other treatment options, Dr. Kulbersh provides patients with effective treatments for individual appearance goals.

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