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Mini Facelift

North Carolina Facial Plastics ProcedureOf all surgical procedures in facial plastic surgery, a mini lift or a mini facelift is one of the most confusing surgeries to understand. Part of this confusion is due to the different marketing strategies of other companies and doctors used to describe this procedure. These marketing strategies use different catchy names to describe a minimally invasive facial lift.

Some of these names include:

  • Lifestyle lift
  • S lift
  • Feather lift
  • Thread lift

These are not specific surgical techniques. A lifestyle lift could be a different procedure depending on the surgeon who is performing the surgery. I would like to explain what a mini lift entails at Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, North Carolina. I will explain the procedure, indications, anesthesia, and recovery of a mini lift preformed with my hands.

Are You a Candidate for a Mini Facelift?

Dr. Kulbersh

What is a Mini Lift at Carolina Facial Plastics?

Before and After Mini Lift Patient PhotosA mini lift at Carolina Facial Plastics is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to lift the lower face and neck. In my practice, I tailor my surgery based on the concerns and goals of the patients and their anatomy.

For these reason, I have many different techniques that I use to lift and tighten the face and neck. In my practice, I use the least aggressive and invasive techniques to lift and tighten the face and neck during a mini-lift.

As a facial plastic surgeon, I have to recommend the correct procedure to obtain the patient goals and create a great result. I am constantly balancing a variety of considerations during my recommendations. They are:

  • Safety
  • Patient’s tolerance for downtime
  • Patient’s goals

In everything I do, safety is always number one. The first quality of a patient undergoing a mini-lift is the health of the patient. The patient must be in excellent health to undergo an elective procedure.

A mini-lift is recommended to a patient that has early sagging of the skin or jowls of the lower face and neckline. Age is not of importance to me. There will be patients in their 40’s and in their 70’s who will be showing early signs of sagging skin and jowls of the lower face.

The goal result of a mini-lift is to angulate the jawline and remove the loose excess skin of the lower face. The shape of the jawline becomes more square as we age. After a mini-lift, the jawline should look less square and more angulated.

How is a Mini-Lift Different from a Face Lift or Neck Lift?

A mini-lift is a less aggressive procedure than a face lift or neck lift. Since a mini-lift is geared for patients with early signs of aging, they require less lift and pull than a patient with a heavier face or neck. Since a mini-lift is less aggressive, it would require less surgery resulting in:

  • Shorter surgery time
  • Shorter recovery time

How is a Mini-Lift Similar to a Face or Neck Lift?

The general principles of facial lifting and tightening are the same in all of these procedures. The angle of the pull in a vertical direction is the same in both procedures. Additionally, the deeper muscular layer is the tissue that is lifted. The lift on this layer (not the skin) ensures the longevity of the lift. After the deep layer is lifted, excess skin is created that is removed.

What are the Indications for a Mini-Lift?

It might be easier to explain who is not a candidate for a mini-lift. A mini-lift is not appropriate for a patient that has:

  • Heavy neck or turkey gobbler
  • Large bands in middle of the neck
  • Large jowls
  • Abundant excess fat in the neck

A mini-lift is a surgical procedure designed for patients with early aging changes on the neck. I use it to “clean up” the lower face and neckline. A mini-lift is a great option for patient with:

  • Excess loose skin
  • Early jowls
  • Blunting of the neckline

What is the Anesthesia Used for a Mini-Lift?

The anesthesia used for a mini-lift is very light. The surgery can be completed while the patient is awake. I give patients oral medications to keep them relaxed and then I injected numbing medicine into the face. If patients do not want to be awake for the procedure, then I will place them under a light anesthesia.

What is the Recovery after a Mini-Lift?

The best part of a mini-lift is the quick recovery. For 1 week after surgery, the patient will wear a light wrap around the face. During this week, the patient will feel good and will need to clean the incision 2 times a day. All of the stitches will be removed 1 week after surgery. At this time, patients will be presentable to go out in public if they wear their hair down or put on a little makeup. By 2 weeks, they are able to resume most activities.

How Do I Get More Information about a Mini-Lift in Charlotte?

To get more information about a mini-lift, please schedule a consultation with Beverly Hills trained facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kulbersh. He specializes and only performs plastic surgery on the face. The consultation will take 1 hour and Dr. Kulbersh will evaluate and explain your options. To schedule a consultation call (704) 842-3644 or fill out the online contact form on this website.

Dr. Kulbersh is the medical director of Fairview Surgical Suites and Fairview Recovery Retreat, which are designed to provide patients with exclusive, state-of-the-art surgical treatment followed by a comprehensive 24 7 post-surgery care in a luxurious 5-star hotel setting.

Schedule your mini-lift procedure and recovery at Fairview Surgical Suites and Fairview Recovery Retreat today.

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