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Lip Lift

Before and after image of a lip lift performed by Dr. Kulbersh of Carolina Facial Plastic Surgery.If you want to light up your entire face and get a fuller, luscious pout, a lip lift might be for you. This quick and easy mini facial surgical treatment reveals more of your upper lip and lovely vermilion border, makes your lip look fuller, and shortens the area between your nose and lip to take years off your face.

Unlike temporary injectable dermal fillers, which must be repeated every six to 18 months, a lip lift is a “one-and-done” procedure. Your lifted, fuller lip retains its new shape for years. That saves you time, money … and a lot of injections.

Another advantage to a lip lift is that you’ll have the same beautiful lips month after month, year after year. But for great results, you need to be in good hands. As a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon, you won’t find better than Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh at Carolina Facial Plastic Surgery in Charlotte, NC for a lip lift. As a fully-faced focused surgeon, he possesses the skills, expertise and experience to create the luscious lips you’re after.

Why Your Lips Matter So Much

Lip Augmentation Surgery before and after image by Charlotte, NC's top plastic surgeon.Whether you’re already a fan of lip augmentation, or whether you’ve never touched your lips before, making your upper lip fuller and higher changes the overall appearance of your face. As you age, the philtrum (the indented area between the bottom of your nose and the top of your cupid’s bow) lengthens by about 1-3 mm every decade. Not only that, but your lips lose volume, too. 

Worse, as the philtrum lengthens, more of your upper lip disappears inside your mouth, because the tendons and ligaments that once held it upward have gotten longer, too.  As the lip lengthens, patients may lose the ability to show off their beautiful teeth while they are talking and smiling. But by reversing that one subtle sign of aging, your entire look is completely refreshed.

Revealing more of your upper lip’s vermilion also gives you a sultrier, more dramatic appearance. That’s why lift lips are one of Hollywood’s favorite fast and easy facial plastic surgeries.

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD, a Beverly Hills trained facial plastic surgeon, frequently adds lip lifts to give pizzazz to a face lift or mini lift. But these days, lip lifts are so popular that many young women who need no other work done are getting the procedure so they can leave dermal fillers in the past. 

One Hour to a New Lip Lift Look

Permanent lip enhancement, also known as a lip lift, before and after image by Charlotte, NC facial plastic surgeon.Dr. Kulbersh performs lip lifts in the comfort and safety of the Carolina Facial Plastics office. The entire procedure takes about an hour and only requires local anesthesia.

After prep, Dr. Kulbersh makes a small incision underneath your nose and removes a small sliver of skin.  He then expertly lifts your upper lip, stitching it slightly higher than before. The procedure also reveals a small part of your upper lip that’s now being hidden, enhancing your overall look.

The Types of Lip Lifts

Subnasal Lip Lift (Bullhorn Lip Lift)

  • Some of us are born with long upper lips where the non-red portion of lip below the nose is overly long. Another common complaint is that the upper lip tends to elongate with age. The subnasal lip lift addresses these concerns by placing an incision below the nose and excising a portion of intervening skin. The skin below is then suspended and anchored to the strong tissue overlying the bone below the nose. This supports the wound which is closed as a very fine line with sutures.

Italian Lip Lift

  • The Italian Lip Lift is a modified bullhorn lip lift that creates a similar effect using a shortened incision. The Italian Lip Lift creates two shorter incisions centered under the nostrils rather than continuing completely across the nose. This type of lift is great for achieving a more subtle, nuanced result while producing a shorter, more limited scar.

Vermillion Advancement Lip Lift (Gullwing Lip Lift)

  • A different approach to improving thin lips is to place the incision at the border of the red lip and cutaneous lip. Excess skin above the incision can be removed and with closing the wound the red lip is advanced upward creating improve red lip show. It must be kept in mind that it can be difficult to camouflage a scar at the vermillion border which may result in the need to wear lipstick to hide the incision line

Corner Lip Lift The Corner Lip

  • Lift involves removing a sliver of skin at both corners of the mouth (oral commissures). The goal is to raise persistently downturned corners of the mouth.

Similar to the gullwing lip lift incision line careful consideration must be given to placing the incision lines along the vermillion border.

Scarring & Recovery After Lip Lift

Before and after image of a lip lift surgery performed by Dr. Kulbesh of Charlotte, NC. Scarring for lip lifts is typically minimal and unnoticeable, with the scar hidden at the base of the nose in the natural crease or along the vermillion border depending on the type of technique.

Short Recovery Time

A lip lift is surgery, so you won’t want to run out and kiss anyone after your procedure. (Dr. Kulbersh and his team do accept grateful hugs.) However, you may feel sore for about a week.

You can control any discomfort by placing a wrapped ice pack on your lips for about 20 minutes per hour, several times a day. You can also take a Tylenol to relieve pain and swelling.

Ready for Lovely, Full Lips? Contact Charlotte, NC’s Top Facial Plastic Surgeon

If you’re ready for the explore the option of a  lip lift at Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, NC. Call today or use our convenient online form.

Read about lip augmentations for a less permanent lip enhancement solution.


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