Sylfirm X in Charlotte, NC

Unveil the secret to radiant, rejuvenated skin with Sylfirm X™, the world's first FDA-approved Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave Radio Frequency Microneedling System, offered by Carolina Facial Plastics. Say goodbye to a range of skin concerns as our expert practitioners utilize this groundbreaking technology for transformative skincare.

Sylfirm X Overview

Pigmentation, acne, acne scars, redness, stretch marks, enlarged pores, skin laxity, festoons
20-45 minutes, 3-6 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart
Topical numbing cream
Temporary swelling and redness
Minimal when an experienced provider performs the procedure
3-5 days
12-18 months

"Everyone at this office is so friendly. Very knowledgeable and explained everything very thoroughly. She [the aesthetic specialist] took the time to listen to my concerns and worked to resolve the issues I was having. I highly recommend and will definitely be back"

-Lisa Wheeler, Google

What is Sylfirm X?

Sylfirm X™ stands at the forefront of skincare innovation, utilizing Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave Radio Frequency Microneedling to address a spectrum of skin concerns. It uses specially insulated needles to deliver high-intensity radiofrequency (RF) energy into the targeted tissue. The combination of the needles and gentle radiofrequency heating stimulates the body to produce more collagen and elastic fibers.

Unlike other RF treatments, Sylfirm X only targets visible blood vessels and select tissue to address pigmentation and vascular lesions. With this advanced technology, the device can safely treat neovascular concerns, including hard-to-treat conditions like rosacea and melasma, without causing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

How It Works

Selective coagulation

Sylfirm X’s Pulsed Wave (PW) Mode creates selective coagulation to aid in the recovery of hyperactive melanogenesis, addressing pigmentation issues.

Na effect

The combination of PW waves and the Na effect — named after Sylfirm X inventor Dr. Jongju Na — ensures more energy reaches the skin’s deeper layers, resulting in less superficial damage.


Sylfirm X delivers RF energy with precision, using insulated needles to penetrate the accurate target depth and induce optimal results with extra effectiveness.

The combination of the needles and gentle radiofrequency heating stimulates the body to produce more collagen and elastic fibers. Collagen renewal restores health to the skin, improving texture and tone while minimizing aging symptoms and other skin imperfections. 

Sylfirm X for…

  • Redness
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • Rosacea
  • Pores
  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin laxity
  • Acne scars
  • Acne
  • Festoons
  • And more…

Why Choose Carolina Facial Plastics’ Team for Sylfirm X in Charlotte, NC?


Sylfirm X at Carolina Facial Plastics

  • Comfortable environment: Nestled in the heart of SouthPark, our office offers ample parking, a discreet location, and an inviting atmosphere crafted for your privacy and comfort during your Sylfirm X treatments.
  • Unparalleled safety: Recognized for excellence as the BOB Awards Best Medical Spa, our commitment to safety surpasses industry standards. Your well-being is our top priority, and our clinic is dedicated to providing a secure environment for your Sylfirm X treatments for a worry-free experience.
  • Personalized consultations: Every patient receives a comprehensive consultation at Carolina Facial Plastics to align our expertise with your vision for achieving radiant skin.

Your Sylfirm X Microneedling Experience

Your Consultation

Your Sylfirm X experience begins with a 1:1 consultation with Heather, Amanda, or Courtney. They will assess your skin’s needs and tailor a customized Sylfirm X treatment plan to achieve your desired results.

During this consultation, your aesthetic specialist evaluates your skin’s tone, texture, and quality. They ask detailed questions about your skin concerns and goals to develop a personalized Sylfirm X treatment. 

Your Procedure

Step 1: Customized Treatment Plan

Your aesthetic provider will design a personalized Sylfirm X treatment plan, addressing your specific skin concerns and goals. They tailor each session to enhance your skin’s health and appearance, focusing on issues like melasma, redness, wrinkles, and more.

Step 2: Comfortable Treatment

Experience the comfort of Sylfirm X as the advanced technology ensures minimal discomfort during the procedure. You can achieve remarkable results without extended downtime, with sessions lasting only 20-45 minutes.

Step 3: Visible improvement

Witness visible skin texture and tone improvement within a few weeks, especially for fine lines and enlarged pores. Sylfirm X’s efficiency allows you to return to your routine immediately after treatment.

Your Results

Enjoy revitalized skin with reduced pigmentation, improved texture, and a radiant complexion. The transformative effects of Sylfirm X are designed to last, providing ongoing benefits for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most patients experience minimal discomfort, and the advanced technology provides a more comfortable treatment. Your provider may offer topical numbing agents or Pro-Nox (laughing gas) to enhance your comfort further.

The number of sessions varies based on individual goals and skin concerns, but most patients benefit from at least three treatments. Our expert practitioners will determine the ideal treatment plan during your personalized consultation.

Factors such as treatment areas, number of sessions, and your unique needs influence the cost of Sylfirm X. Schedule a consultation with our expert team to receive an accurate estimate.

Follow personalized pre-treatment instructions provided by your dedicated specialist to ensure optimal results and minimize potential side effects. Avoid Retinol and Hydroquinone for at least 7 days prior to the procedure. No spray tanning or self-tanner for 7-10 days. 

While individual factors play a role, many patients enjoy visible improvements for one year or longer. During your consultation, our experienced practitioners will provide a clear understanding of the expected duration based on your personalized treatment plan.

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