Non Surgical Rhinoplasty to Straighten Nose

This patient presented to the office with the main concern of a crooked nose from the frontal view. She was overall pleased with the appearance of her profile and wanted to know her options. She is a candidate for both a surgical and nonsurgical rhinoplasty. After the long lengthy discussion, the patient decided that a nonsurgical option was her preferred choice.

During her nonsurgical rhinoplasty, Restylane, a dermal filler, was placed in the nose to fill depressions and shadows on the left side of her nose just above the tip region. This depression was creating an illusion of increased crookedness of her nose. By filling in this region, the nose appears straighter and better proportioned with her surrounding facial features.

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty takes about 15 to 20 minutes and has little downtime. This filler will last approximately one year in the nasal region. At that time the treatment will need to be repeated to maintain her results.

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non surgical (liquid) rhinoplasty performed at Carolina Facial Plastics non surgical rhinoplasty to straighten nose before and after
*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. Results vary from patient to patient.
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