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Microbotox Overview

Longitud: 30 minutos

Anestesia: Ninguna

En / ambulatorio: Paciente externo

Efectos secundarios: Temporary minor redness, hinchazón, and slight bruising

riesgos: Allergic reaction

Recuperación: No downtime

Duración de los resultados: 3-4 meses

Cuidado notable, Resultados excepcionales

En Carolina Plásticos facial, my team of aesthetic specialists and I focus 100% on cosmetic treatments for the face and neck, using both surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic techniques designed to fully enhance each patient’s own attractiveness. We use injectables at our offices in Charlotte, NC as non-invasive options for the subtle rejuvenation of the face. Yo mismo, nuestra enfermera practicante certificada Courtney Whitley, and our physician assistant Heather Bryant are glad to offer you a quick, seguro, and effective way to refresh your look without any downtime.

Also known as intradermal Botox, Microbotox targets the sweat and oil glands in the skin, including the erector pili muscles, which are responsible for pushing sebum, oil of the skin, upward to the surface of the skin. By weakening the muscles and glands that cause the skin to become oily and increase pore size, skin becomes noticeably tighter, más suave, and more refined with a natural, powdered look. This treatment can also be used on the lower face and neck. To learn more about Microbotox, visitar ncbi.nlm.nih.gov


microbotox injections in charlotte, Carolina del Norte

Unlike Botox injections that target the muscles involved in facial expressions, Microbotox injections are performed on a superficial level (justo debajo de la superficie de la piel), avoiding the “freezing” effect that can happen with other Botox treatments. Microbotox also uses a microneedle and a small amount of diluted Botox. By using tiny amounts of Botox, we can create subtle yet noticeable results. You’ll leave our office with a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Targeting excess oil production is a relatively unmet need when it comes to cosmetic treatments. I believe this is one aspect that sets Microbotox apart from other injectable treatments.

Microbotox makes for an amazing anti-aging treatment that produces beautiful and natural-looking results. Its benefits include:

  • Treating fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightening skin
  • Reducing pore size
  • Treating Rosacea
  • Wrinkle prevention
  • Normalizing oil production
  • Reducing acne
  • Improving skin tone and texture
  • Reducing sweating
  • Scar appearance improvement
  • Immediate facial smoothness

Preguntas frecuentes

Microbotox treatments can be performed in under 30 minutos, depending on the size of the area being treated and the patient’s goals.

You can expect to see results 3-4 days after your initial treatment. You can achieve maximum results within 7-10 días.

While results will vary from one patient to another, results can typically last for 3-4 meses. Touch-up treatments are recommended to maintain optimal results.

Injection treatments at our Charlotte, NC office are extremely well-tolerated. Está seguro, we take many steps to ensure the comfort of our patients during the treatment. El tamaño de la aguja está directamente correlacionada con la cantidad de molestias a los pacientes experimentarán. We use the smallest needle possible for these injections and can apply numbing cream before the treatment.

Microbotox injections will feel like small pin pricks over the face, and the closer the injection is to the face, the more discomfort there is. también, the product needs to be properly diffused, and this means more injections.

Absolutamente. This procedure can be immediately performed after your Botox treatment. It can also be combined with other aesthetic treatments such as lasers or other injectables like rellenos dérmicos.

While I wouldn’t recommend Microbotox as your first line of defense against acne, the treatment is a great way to control it as it suppresses the oil glands, prevents inflammation, and helps heal your skin. The procedure can also be combined with other anti-acne treatments.

Microbotox can be an effective treatment for Rosacea. It can diminish the flushing of the face and help treat and prevent the redness of the skin associated with Rosacea.

There is no downtime involved with a Microbotox procedure. You can resume your regular activities immediately after treatment.

Similar to Botox injections, there can be minor redness, hinchazón, and slight bruising after treatment. These are only temporary and should subside within a few days.

  • Avoid blood thinners (e.g., aspirina, ibuprofeno, aceite de pescado, and vitamin E supplements) for about 3-7 days before your treatment to prevent bruising
  • Refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages 24 hours before treatment
  • Avoid sun damage
  • Don’t use anti-aging products such as those containing retinol or glycolic acid before treatments

If you’ve had regular Botox injections in the past with no complications, you’re not likely to have any problems with Microbotox. Those with fine lines and wrinkles, oily skin, poros grandes, and acne will benefit from a Microbotox procedure. sin embargo, those with dry skin should avoid the treatment. Microbotox might make their skin drier as it inhibits oil and sweat production.

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