longer eyelashes charlotteAs a facial plastic surgeon there are simple and more complex ways to improve your appearance and positively affect your confidence. The eyes are the centerpiece of the face as they transmit your non-verbal emotions and feelings. Eyes that have thin and short eyelashes can appear plain, dull, or unhealthy. Latisse is a prescription medication which stimulates the eyelashes to grow longer, thicker and ultimately improves the appearance of the eyes and the entire face.

What is Latisse?

The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost, and it has been approved by the FDA to improve the appearance of the eyelashes. Currently, most experts believe that bimatoprost stimulates the eyelashes to enter and stay in the growth phase of the hair cycle, anagen.

How to use Latisse?

Using Latisse in Charlotte is so easy. The product comes with an applicator and it is brushed onto the base of the eyelashes at night. It takes under 1 minute to apply. Longer and fuller lashes can be appreciated as soon as 8 weeks and full correction of the lashes occurs between 12-16 weeks. When the ideal length and thickness of the eyelashes are achieved, the frequency of Latisse can be less. Typically once optimum growth has been achieved; it can be applied once or twice a week to maintain the lashes appearance. At this does, a vial of Latisse may last months.

Is Latisse Safe to Use?

Latisse is a simple, safe, and effective prescription medication that can add the “wow factor” to someone eyes. is a study on the treatment of Latisse for eyelashes. As an aesthetic surgeon in Charlotte, I am always looking at procedures that create subtle changes that enhance overall facial harmony. I believe Latisse is one of these products, and I am happy to offer it at my Charlotte office.

Remarkable Results, Exceptional Care 

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