African American Rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC

Refine your nose without sacrificing your unique facial characteristics. See the difference an award-winning, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with 15+ years of experience makes.

African American Rhinoplasty

Size, shape, and asymmetry of the nose
Varies from 2-4 hours
Patients may experience swelling and bruising around the eyes and nose, slight bleeding, and stuffiness when breathing through the nose.
Anytime a patient has surgery, there is a risk of bleeding, infection, scarring, or side effects from anesthesia.
Most patients return to work or school one week after a rhinoplasty. Some patients choose to take two weeks off. Patients are encouraged to start walking and doing light exercise starting two weeks after surgery. Full exercise can start 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Remarkable Results, Exceptional Care

“Researching a plastic surgeon to perform rhinoplasty on an African American person is very complicated. I wanted a plastic surgeon who could change my wide, bulbous nose into something more suitable for my face without changing my cultural identity. Dr. Kulbersh did that for me. He addressed all of my questions and concerns. This was an incredible experience from start to finish; I would like to thank the staff for being so helpful and kind. I am so very happy with my new nose. Dr. Kulbersh is truly gifted. Many thanks!”

-CarrPA, RealSelf

Does your nose fit your face?

While there is tremendous variability in each nose, patients of African American descent often ask about a nose job because they feel their nose is too wide, too big, or does not fit their face.


With extensive experience performing all types of ethnic rhinoplasties, Dr. Kulbersh focuses on enhancing your features rather than diminishing your appearance’s rich cultural heritage. African American rhinoplasty at Carolina Facial Plastics can:


  • Narrow wide nostrils
  • Increase the projection of your nose 
  • Refine your nasal tip
  • Fix a drooping tip
  • Create a nose that is balanced with the other facial features

Why Choose Dr. Kulbersh for Your Rhinoplasty

  • 2,000+ facial plastic surgery procedures performed
  • Double board-certified in facial plastic surgery, focusing exclusively on facial aesthetics
  • Authored a chapter in a prominent rhinoplasty medical journal, Rhinoplasty Archive, detailing the steps in an African American nose job.
  • 5+ years recognized as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor and voted Best Facial Plastic Surgeon by Charlotte Magazine’s BOB Awards 5 years in a row
  • Top Doctor in Plastic Surgery by Charlotte Magazine 2 years in a row
  • Specialized training under renowned rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, who stars on E!’s “Botched” 
  • Rigorous fellowship training in Beverly Hills, focusing on ethnic rhinoplasty procedures like African American rhinoplasty
  • Committed to the highest standards of care and safety as a member of the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF)

Why Choose Carolina Facial Plastics?

Choosing Carolina Facial Plastics for your African American rhinoplasty gives you:


  • A procedure performed in the fully accredited Fairview Surgical Suites, providing a modern, comfortable, and safe surgical environment
  • Advanced imaging technology to preview your results
  • Access to a relaxing recovery in the private Fairview Recovery Retreat suites, where you can rest comfortable before returning home
  • 1:1 in-person post-operative check-ins with Dr. Kulbersh and his board-certified team, and virtual follow-ups for patients living out of state
  • Access to concierge services, such as transportation arrangements, for a worry-free post-operative experience
  • Treatment from Charlotte Elevate Lifestyle magazine’s “Best of the City” in Cosmetic Surgery winner in 2023 

Your African American Rhinoplasty Experience


The goal of every African American nose job at Carolina Facial Plastics is unique to each patient. Every patient will have different goals to be defined during an in-depth consultation with Dr. Kulbersh. 


During this initial consultation, Dr. Kulbersh listens to your vision and expectations, carefully evaluates your nasal structure and facial structure, and crafts a personalized approach that respects the unique qualities of your African American nasal anatomy. 


He focuses on preserving the integrity of your ethnic identity while aiming for results that improve facial balance. Dr. Kulbersh also provides detailed insights into the tailored techniques he may use for African American rhinoplasty, such as: 


  • Strengthening the nasal cartilage
  • Implementing an implant
  • Creating subtle incisions in the creases of the nose to refine the nostrils


After gathering the information he needs and discussing your goals, he creates the ideal nose shape by changing the shape of your nose on a a computer program.  After this exercise, Dr. Kulbersh will discuss the steps to create you new nose.


When you arrive at Dr. Kulbersh’s Fairview Surgical Suites, his team administers anesthesia, so you will be asleep during the procedure. An African American nose job typically takes at least 2-4 hours. After your surgery is complete, Dr. Kulbersh’s team monitors you to ensure your safety and comfort. Whether you return home or recover in the exclusive Fairview Recovery Suites, Dr. Kulbersh and his team provide detailed aftercare instructions.

Results and Recovery

The initial recovery after African American rhinoplasty takes 1 week.  After 1 week, the cast is removed and the nose will look improved but it will be swollen.  It will look much better 3 months after surgery, but it will look best 12 months after surgery after full healing.  Most patients return to their daily activities within 7 days of the procedure. The Carolina Facial Plastics team will schedule regular follow-ups to monitor and assess your progress.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most ethnic rhinoplasties, including an African American nose job, cost between $11,000 and $20,000. However, certain aspects of your surgery can influence the cost, including adding a nasal implant, addressing functional concerns, and the overall expectations of the surgery.

Due to the unique characteristics of African American nasal structures, such as thicker skin, more fibrous soft tissue, and variations in cartilage and bone structure, specific considerations need to be made. Possible complications include swelling, bruising, bleeding, and scarring. Dr. Kulbersh’s experience helps to minimize these risks, ensuring a smoother recovery and beautiful results.

Insurance doesn’t usually cover African American rhinoplasties, as they are cosmetic procedures.

No, Dr. Kulbersh knows the importance of preserving your ethnic identity and reshaping your nose to complement your face perfectly. He has a thorough understanding of the African American facial structure, nose types, and aesthetics, and can provide you with natural-looking results.

Dr. Kulbersh advises against the use of specific medications and procedures (such as anticoagulants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, dental procedures, etc.), emphasizes the importance of staying healthy, and suggests organizing care and transportation after the surgery in advance.

If you live out of state, schedule a virtual appointment with Dr. Kulbersh. He may recommend seeking immediate treatment in your area or returning to Carolina Facial Plastics for a full assessment.

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Hear what Dr. Paul Nassif of Botched says about Dr. Kulbersh
Dr. Paul Nassif Hear what Dr. Paul Nassif of Botched says about Dr. Kulbersh

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