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Botox For Synkinesis From Bell’s Palsy


Botox Therapy For Synkinesis From Bell’s Palsy in Charlotte

Dr. Kulbersh: Today I’m here with my favorite patient, Paula Davis. Paula had Bell’s Palsy 8 years ago, and did not have a full recovery and was left with right side of the face synkinesis. Though, the past several months, we’ve been increasing her facial symmetry by using a series of Botox and facial fillers to even the volume on either side of her face. And now she has a very nice even volumetric appearance in her mid-face and her cheeks. But we’re still continuing to use Botox every 4 months to help her with her right side of facial synkinesis. On the right side of her face she has some narrowing of her eye. And she also has some asymmetry in her smile during dynamic movements of her face. Paula, can we get you to just raise your eyebrows for us. Ok. And then, can you frown for us? That’s perfect. And then, give a big smile for us. And then, just make fish lips. Wonderful. Thanks for doing that.
So, today we will be doing the Botox treatment. And we’ll see you in a couple weeks, and we’ll do this all over again.

Hi this is Dr. Kulbersh back with Paula. So we’re doing the follow-up. We did her Botox for her right side of the face synkinesis. And we just spoke and Paula has improved symmetry around her smile, improved symmetry around her eyes and her eyebrows. And we’re here just to kinda take a little video and show what nice results we can get out of Botox. So Paula, if we can just have you maybe, look at the camera and raise your eyebrows for us. And smile. And smile the biggest you possibly can. That’s wonderful. And then make fish lips. Ok, and that’s great.

And so with Botox, it just really helped with the symmetry with her smile. Not a big a pull over here on the side. The whole area around the eyes. The area on the eyes improved. And just movement as she’s talking As we Botoxed the forehead and around the eyes – the whole face just seems more symmetric. So, we have a great outcome today. And I think we’re both really, really pleased. Thank you.

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