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Botox For Synkinesis Patient Testimonial

Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon Synkinesis

Botox Treatment for Synkinesis | Patient Testimonial for Dr. Kulbersh

Paula: My name is Paula Davis and I have just completed my second round of Botox with Dr. Kulbersh and I am very, very pleased. I’ve had synkinesis for about 8 years now and I just thought that I was going to be left with this effect after the Bell’s Palsy and something told me to Google Botox and Bell’s Palsy because that’s what I thought I was still in. I came here and I have seen many, many results from my eyes being more even to my smile to when I put my lips together; they’re not so uneven and I’m just very, very pleased that there’s another option out here for me and possibly for you to come see him and see what can be done! Thank you.

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