Botox Injections Around The Eyes

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh talks about Botox around the eyes, Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Kulbersh Explains The Use of Botox Around the Eyes

Dr. Kulbersh: Hi this is Dr. Kulbersh from Carolina Facial Plastics. Today we’re going to talk about the use of Botox around the upper area of the face. Botox is a medication that is injected directly into the muscles that causes the muscle to weaken. Around the eyes, and around the upper part of the face, there are creases forming on the forehead, between the eyes, and on the crowsfeet that form with age. And those are actually not wrinkles. They’re actually called dynamic rhytids. And what they’re due to is constant movement of muscles below the skin that cause creases So, these lines across the forehead are caused by when we raise our forehead. And the frown lines between our eyes are due to when we bring our eyebrows together. And then the crowsfeet are just secondary to smile lines so much – and so when we smile, it causes creases along this area.  And so, the best way to treat those areas, is actually to weaken those muscles with Botox. And what happens is, when those muscles are weakened, it gives time for the skin to repair itself and then the lines become softer and eventually go away.

This is great for younger patients, as it will prevent you from getting those lines and creases across your forehead, in between the eyes, and on the lateral side of the eyes. The procedure takes minutes to do, there’s no down time, it’ll last 3 to 4 months, then you’ll need a repeat injection or the muscles will start working again. Thank you.

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