Deviated Septum

Many patients who have difficulty breathing through the nose find they have a deviated septum. The septum is the partition between the nostrils, and it can be deviated, or set more to one side than the other. When one nostril has a smaller airway, breathing often becomes difficult, the passageways can become blocked more easily and a patient can be prone to snoring during sleep. Low oxygen intake is often a result of septal deviation, which leads to feeling fatigued and even short of breath. The only way to permanently correct a deviated septum is through a rhinoplasty procedure. A rhinoplasty at Carolina Facial Plastic Surgery Center will help a patient with a deviated septum breathe more freely, and increase the amount of oxygen the cells receive.

Causes of a Deviated Septum

Some people are simply born with a deviated septum; however, there are a couple of causes of a deviated septum later in life.

Previous rhinoplasty—A previous rhinoplasty procedure can potentially cause a septal deviation. In these cases, a revision rhinoplasty will be performed, which is a complicated procedure. Fortunately, Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh spent years studying under the best facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, and is an expert in revision rhinoplasty.

Trauma—An injury to the face or nose can break or fracture the septum; as the it heals, it may heal with a deviation. Dr. Kulbersh will use his expertise to reconstruct the nose to clear the airways.

How Does Dr. Kulbersh Fix a Deviated Septum?

The procedure’s plan will depend upon the location of the deviation—front, middle or back—, its severity as well as any other complications or procedures needed. For septal deviations located more toward the back of the nose, a short procedure called a septoplasty may be performed. In this surgery, the incisions are hidden inside the nose. Deviations found more toward the front of the nose are slightly more complex, as the tip of the nose is made of exclusively of cartilage and is very delicate. For this area, Dr. Kulbersh uses a specialized technique.

How Important is an Experienced Surgeon?

The nose is one of the most prominent features of your face, as well as the most delicate. You want a surgeon who spent years training in facial plastic surgery and ENT. These surgeons focus solely on the face, rather than the whole body. Dr. Kulbersh completed his fellowship training in facial plastic surgery, and spent five years training in ENT. When it comes to choosing your rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Kulbersh offers you the most experience in the Southeast.

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