Does The Nose Grow With Age?

Dr. Kulbersh discusses whether a nose grows with age, Charlotte, NC.

Does The Nose Grow With Age? Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Kulbersh Responds

Dr. Kulbersh: Hi this is Dr. Kulbersh with Carolina Facial Plastics. Today I’m talking about aging noses and the changes that occur with the nose. As you age, the tip of the nose begins to fall down or droop. This is called tiptosis. What happens when the tip of the nose drops, the nose actually becomes longer and the hump of the nose can become bigger. I’m going to demonstrate this as I turn my head to the side. And as the tip of the nose, as it falls downward, the hump of my nose becomes a little bit bigger, and the length of my nose from my eye down to my tip gets longer. So that’s why they say, as you age, your nose grows.

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