Facial Fillers With Dr. Kulbersh-Part 1

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh discusses the benefits of using a blunt tip cannula for under eye injections, Charlotte, NC.


Part 1–Facial Fillers & Needle-less Under Eye Injections With Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kulbersh

Dr. Kulbersh: Hi this is Dr. Kulbersh from Carolina Facial Plastics, and this is our patient Gayle. And today we’re going to be talking about doing a liquid eyelift with a cannula. Gayle came into the office to day complaining of – she had some bags that have been forming over her eyes and she wanted a nonsurgical way to correct the bags. So we have previously discussed – she had some volume loss in her mid-face; they were replaced with some fillers. Specifically, Restylane and Perlane.

Now I’m going to draw – I’m going to do an outline for Gayle about where we’re going to be doing the fillers. So if we look we have a little bit of volume loss underneath the eyes. The great thing abut this filler, is it’s not only going to get rid of her bags, but what we’re going to do is also give her back her proper cheeks. Because when she’s lost the volume underneath her eyes, it gives her bags, but it also changes the levels of the cheeks. So when we do this, her cheeks have now sagged and they’ve come down here, so her highest point is way down here. S as we put volume back in this area, we’re going to give her cheek back right here. She has a very pretty cheekbone. It’s going to come all the way across, instead of having this hollowness here, she’s going to get her cheek back in this eye area, and she’s going to lose this eye bag.

We’re going to do this with a needleless injection technique, or using the cannula. Thank you.

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