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Facial Fillers With Dr. Kulbersh-Part 3

Dr. Kulbersh uses a blunt tip cannula instead of a needle, Charlotte, NC.

Part 3–Facial Fillers & Needle-less Under Eye Injections With Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kulbersh

Dr. Kulbersh: Now that this area is already numb, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to make a small hole in the skin, in the little numb area. So the area’s already numb. The patient’s not even going to feel this. So you take it. In just the tiny little hole, so it just goes right up to the numb area. The patient doesn’t even feel that. Did you feel that Gayle?

Gayle: No.

Dr. Kulbersh: Through that tiny little hole, we’re actually now going to place the cannula. The cannula is neat because it’s blunted at the end. This is not a needle; it’s blunt. So, instead of cutting through tissue, tearing blood vessels, tearing tissue, causing trauma. It actually pushes the tissue away, so it’s less painful and causes less swelling.

So, we have a little tiny little speck of blood that we’re going to get rid of. And then this slides gently in through the small hole I just made. And then I squeeze her skin. I just have to get through her skin. And then from there, now I can start filling the whole area. So, I gently move over. And then you slowly start doing the liquid eyelift.

And from this, through a series of injections through this hole – to fill the entire area – to do the liquid eyelift through this entire area. And how did that feel Gayle?

Gayle: It felt fine. It was very comfortable.

Dr. Kulbersh: And that’s one of the wonderful things of using a cannula instead of a needle. It’s more comfortable. It only requires one small hole to fill the entire eye area. And that’s using a cannula to do a liquid eyelift underneath the eye.

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