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Lip Augmentation In Charlotte


Lip Augmentation With Fillers in Charlotte

Dr. Kulbersh: Hi this is Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh from Carolina Facial Plastics. Today we’re going to be talking about Lip Augmentation. The lips are the centerpiece of the face and as we age, our lips actually become thinner and smaller. And typically, the lower lip should be about twice the size as the upper lip. When we lose volume in that upper and lower lip, what happens is the lip gets smaller and it actually starts to roll in. So, a very easy and great way to improve the look of the lips and ultimately the smile is to do a non-invasion procedure of fillers into the lip area.

I typically like using either Restylane or Perlane which hyroalonic acids. They’re both temporary and they last about 6 months into the lip region. I like to inject the filler back into the fat pocket of the lips. So I inject deeply into the lips, not superficially. A lot of people can inject it just underneath the skin on the outside of the lips. I’ve only found injected superficially there causes that duck-look appearance where the lips come out farther from the face. I’m not trying to make the lips come out farther from the face, I’m just trying to give them a little bit more volume; be a little bit more plump. And when you inject deeply, it actually rolls out the upper and lower lip.

I typically will inject – in one at one session and I’ll save some and have the patient come back in about two weeks to see if we need a little bit more volume or to see if we’re happy with that – at that level. So, lip augmentation with a filler, with either Restylane or Perlane, is a wonderful way to improve the mouth and ultimately the smile. Thank you.

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