Chin Augmentation Recovery

Male Chin Implant Before and AfterA chin implant or chin augmentation in Charlotte is a common facial plastic procedure that can bring balance and harmony to the face.  Before undergoing a chin augmentation procedure, Dr. Kulbersh takes the time to ensure that his patients understand what to expect during the procedure as well as the recovery process afterward. As a highly trained facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kulbersh strongly believes that his patients should feel comfortable and confident before undergoing any procedure, and is therefore available to answer questions and address concerns at any step in the process.

What to Expect During Chin Augmentation

  • An incision will be placed below the chin. Through this incision, a solid Silastic (plastic) implant will be placed immediately on top of the bone to improve the appearance of the chin by giving more forward projection and vertical height. This is a permanent implant and does not (according to published literature), in any way, cause or contribute to any known disease. There is a small possibility of the implant shifting in position that perhaps could require additional surgery.
  • The chin will be swollen for a period of time along with being bruised. There may be numbness of the chin for several weeks.
  •  Some weakness of the muscles of the lower lip occasionally occurs. In almost all cases, normalization occurs within a few weeks.
  •  Every effort will be made to give you the appearance that was shown on the computer image, although no guarantee can be made as to the exact result.
  •  If you decide you do not like the chin augmentation, removal of the chin implant is a relatively simple procedure.
  •  Most patients feel like returning to work or school within three to five days. If a completely normal appearance is required, seven to ten days should be allowed for recovery.

After Chin Implant Surgery

  • Clean the incisions with hydrogen peroxide once daily.
  • Apply antibiotic ointments to appropriate incisions twice daily. Bacitracin (which can be purchased at the drug store) for the first 3 days and Vaseline for the remainder until your first post-op appointment.
  • Your stitches are covered with a bandage. They will be removed, along with the wide tape on neck, at approximately 7 days.
  • In males, the tape may fall off because of the beard growth prior to your first post-op appointment. This is normal.
  • Ice cubes in rubber gloves, cold compresses or frozen peas should be used for 72 hours on an hourly basis when awake. Then after, use warm compress in areas of bruising.
  • No heavy exercise for 2 weeks.

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