Keloid Scarring: What Is It and How Is It Fixed?

Keloid Scar RemovalMost people have an injury to the skin and heal without issue.  Some people will have unfavorable healing and may form widened, raised, and discolored scars.  Many times, these unsightly scars are a result of a keloid reaction. As a Charlotte keloid expert, I can offer multiple treatment options to remove and prevent the re-occurrence of a keloid.

What is a Keloid Scar?

A keloid scar occurs as a result of an abnormal healing process that causes an overproduction of collagen. During the healing process, collagen continues to grow past the site of the injury.  This causes a widened and raised scar.  This growth and production of collagen can occur for months or years after the injury to the skin. Patients typically will experience tenderness, itching and/or a slight burning sensation in the location of the keloid scar.

It is unclear why exactly some people are more prone to developing keloid scars than others, but it there is a genetic predisposition, i.e. keloid scarring runs in families. There are ethnicities, African Americans, that have a higher risk of developing keloids as well.  If you have a family or personal history of keloid scarring, you can take precautions to help prevent their formation by avoiding skin trauma such as piercings and tattoos. In Charlotte, I commonly treat patients with keloid scars on the ears. These scars can become large, misshapen and have the appearance of a growth. Using a unique surgical technique, I remove the keloid and reshape the earlobe as necessary.

Keloid Treatment

Surgical removal with the addition of a series of injections of medications during and after the surgery to prevent the re-occurrence is an effective treatment for ear keloids.  I believe in a series of injections with 5-fluorouracil is an invaluable addition to the treatment.  5-fluorouracil can prevent the production of collagen during a keloid reaction during the healing phase.

As a Beverly Hills-trained plastic surgeon, I can remove the keloid and reconstruct the earlobe to give it an improved appearance.

Contact the Charlotte Ear Keloid Specialist Today For a Consultation

If you are living with a keloid on the earlobe, there are options for treatment. Keloid scarring can often be removed and the area reconstructed through minimally invasive surgery. As a Charlotte plastic surgeon, I can assure you that you will receive the best level of care for your keloid removal at Carolina Facial Plastics. Call us today at (704) 842-3644 to schedule a keloid scar consultation!


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