Sculptra Overview

Treats: Volume loss and skin laxity

Length: 15-30 minutes

Anesthesia: Topical numbing cream available

In/Outpatient: Outpatient

Side Effects: Mild swelling and bruising around the injection sites for 1-2 day

Recovery: Patients usually return to work and other activities immediately following the procedure

Duration of Results: Up to 2 years

Remarkable Care, Exceptional Results

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“I have been getting facial fillers by Dr. Kulbersh for 5 years, and the results always match my expectations. He truly listens to what my desired outcome will look like, and consistently delivers through his expertise.

I would recommend going to Dr. Kulbersh if you are looking for natural-looking results.”

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Sculptra is a collagen stimulator injected into the face to trigger the body to produce more collagen. As we age, our bodies decrease collagen production, resulting in volume loss and skin laxity. Increasing collagen will restore volume to the face. The active ingredient in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid. This product has been successfully injected into the face to improve facial volume for over 10 years. The FDA originally approved it in 2004 for medical facial loss, and its indication was expanded to cosmetic use by 2012. Our highly trained team, including Dr. Kulbersh, board-certified physician assistant Heather Bryant, and board-certified nurse practitioner Courtney Whitley, safely and effectively use Sculptra for our patients at Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte.

The top aesthetic destination of the south, Carolina Facial Plastics, is led by double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh. With his team of cosmetic experts, a fully accredited surgery center, and a private recovery retreat all located in the heart of SouthPark, Carolina Facial Plastics is known for unparalleled and natural-looking results exclusively for the face.

Sculptra is composed of poly-L-lactic acid. Poly-L-lactic acid has been used safely for many years as the main component in some sutures and stitches. It was found that injecting this material in a near liquid form stimulated the body to produce collagen, prompting the development of the cosmetic treatment.


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As we age, we gain weight in the body but lose weight in the face. Collagen levels deplete over time, and we naturally lose fat and bone as a result of aging. The best way to explain the effect of facial deflation is to use the grape and raisin analogy.

A full face is like a smooth grape. A plump grape does not have wrinkles or shadows. As the grape ages, it loses volume and becomes a raisin. A raisin has wrinkles and many shadows on the surface. If you took a raisin and made it plump again, it would look like a grape. The face undergoes a similar process as it loses volume. For this reason, the addition of volume can fill, lift, and smooth facial wrinkles.

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Sculptra injections trigger the body to produce new collagen to add volume to the face. Since this process works at a cellular level, it does not work overnight. The collagen slowly creates a gradual increase in facial volume that occurs over 1-4 months.

Younger patients may see a volume increase over one month. Older patients will require additional injections of Sculptra in Charlotte spaced out every four weeks. A typical patient will require three treatments and they will see an increase in volume over a four-month period.

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Sculptra effectively thickens the skin in the temples, cheeks, in front of the ear, forehead, beneath the eyebrow, and jawline.


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When choosing an injector for your Sculptra treatment, experience, and expertise are critical for a safe and successful procedure. Our team is solely focused on only treatments and rejuvenation of the face and neck. Every member of our team has at least seven years of experience and has injected thousands of patients. Our specialization and experience matters in ensuring you have a fantastic result. We use the most recent and advanced techniques to limit downtime, improve safety, and create the best possible results.

Learn more about Sculptra today. Contact our office by calling (704) 842-3644 or completing our online contact form to schedule your consultation.

Frequently asked questions

Sculptra is not injected in the delicate skin beneath the eye or on and around the lips.


Patients that have experienced skin laxity due to facial volume loss are very good candidates for Sculptra treatments.


Dr. Kulbersh was trained by one of the pioneering Sculptra injectors in the country, Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald, during his training in Beverly Hills. She is consistently one of the world’s top injectors regarding the amount of Sculptra injected in a year. This training and experience allowed Dr. Kulbersh to bring leading-edge techniques and analysis to his staff and patients in Charlotte.


The average duration of Sculptra improvements is two years, although this varies from patient to patient.


Not necessarily. Depending on the results after your first or second injection, you may require less Sculptra during follow up injections. Patients may require touch-up injections as the Sculptra volume is lost, which typically require less product.

This depends on the treatment location, age of the patient, and the amount of volume loss. It can range from 1-3 vials. A young woman in her 30s with a smaller volume loss may need just one vial, while a woman in her 60s with significant volume loss is likely to require three vials.


The price of Sculptra varies widely in Charlotte. Sculptra is priced per vial. A patient will need 1-3 vials per treatment session and 1-3 sessions to achieve their cosmetic goals. An expert Sculptra injector may charge more for the treatment but also provide the best results. The Sculptra price in Charlotte can also vary between the first session and subsequent sessions as the subsequent sessions may be less.


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