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It’s all about the patient.  At Carolina Facial Plastics we are dedicated and committed to our patients.  Most importantly, Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh puts emphasis on the patient’s comfort and goals throughout all steps of their procedures.  Trained in Beverly Hills and board certified in head and neck surgery, Dr. Kulbersh has created an atmosphere where all of the patients’ desires and concerns are met through comfort and guidance at his practice.  He utilizes the safest and most effective techniques to provide the best results for his patients.

Dr. Kulbersh has dedicated his entire career to studying the head and neck and has found his niche in the field of facial plastic surgery.  He was awarded the 2019 BOB award for Charlotte’s Best Facial Plastic Surgeon.

He devotes his time and energy on keeping abreast with the latest and greatest techniques to create the most comprehensive surgical and non-surgical procedure plans his patients are considering.  When creating procedure plans for patients, Dr. Kulbersh will devotetime to educate patients on all steps of the procedure, therefore there is an understanding of the predicted outcome and results.

Lastly, Carolina Facial Plastics wants to cater to their patients’ goals by creating a completely custom plan of treatment that addresses their every concern. We understand that trust is a big factor when choosing a facial plastic surgeon and we treat our patients with respect, compassion, and dignity in order to build a trusting relationship.

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Trained with the Top Plastic
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