What is the Earliest Age to Get Rhinoplasty?

The world is quickly changing. The new generation has grown up in a world of internet interconnected devices, social media platforms, and sharing all of their thoughts, hopes, dreams and blunders to the world. A generation raised with smartphone and taking “selfies” may lead to more self-awareness regarding physical appearance.

At Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, I believe that every patient has a right to feel his or her best. I also believe that it is my responsibility as a double board certified facial plastic surgeon to ensure patients have the proper motivation, goals, and expectations in seeing rhinoplasty surgery.

There are many young people that may benefit from a rhinoplasty procedure.  It can have an overwhelmingly positive influence of one’s self image and self-esteem.  There are limitations in regards to the youngest age a patient can undergo a rhinoplasty in Charlotte at Carolina Facial Plastics.

What is the Minimum Age to get Rhinoplasty for a Young Women?

The minimum age for a woman to undergo rhinoplasty is 15 years old.  A young woman also must have also started menstruation, which is a sign that a patient is physically mature to undergo the procedure.

Waiting until this time, ensures that the nose is no longer experiencing major changes in its shape.  If a rhinoplasty is performed before the nose is finished growing then the strength or results of the nose could be compromised.

What is the Minimum Age to Have a Rhinoplasty for Men?

Young men physically mature slower than females. For this reason, I will not perform a rhinoplasty on a teenage male until they are 16 years old. At this point, most young men will have finished developing and can be considered for cosmetic procedures.

What Other Factors are Taken into Account for Teen Rhinoplasty?

Age is not the only factor that I take into consideration when a younger patient wants to undergo a cosmetic procedure. I believe that my patient’s motivations are crucial in determining whether a surgical procedure is the best route. This is especially important when I am talking to younger patients about procedures such as rhinoplasty, which can have a major impact on one’s appearance. I find that it is important to establish the reasoning behind the patient’s motivations for rhinoplasty. I want to ensure a patient is not considering rhinoplasty based on outside influence. In my opinion, it is imperative for the teenager’s parents to be involved.  Their support and care during the rhinoplasty journey are invaluable.

The nose also has many vital functions including:

  • Breathing
  • Humidification of air
  • Cleaning of air
Revision Rhinoplasty To Improve Upturned Nose and Asymmetric Nostrils

Revision Rhinoplasty To Improve Asymmetric Nostrils

Dr. Kulbersh is also board certified in ENT, so he understands the importance of the function of the nose.  With this in mind, he approaches rhinoplasty to not only improve the aesthetics of the nose, but to also improve the functioning or breathing through the nose.

 What Concerns Can be Corrected during Teen Rhinoplasty?

 Usually teens want to undergo a rhinoplasty to minimize or improve an area of the nose that does not.  Some examples of these include:

  • Dorsal Hump
  • Uneven Nostrils
  • Crooked Nose
  • Long or Short Nose
  • Bulbous Tip
  • Nasal Injury

 Why Should you Consider Dr. Kulbersh for Your Teen Rhinoplasty?

 As a double board certified facial plastic and head and neck surgeon who underwent fellowship training in rhinoplasty with the best facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kulbersh has the skill, knowledge, and experience which allows him to create a nose that blends and “fits” the face.  This approach allows for the creation of a natural-looking nose or a nose that looks like the patient was born with.   During the consultation, Dr. Kulbersh will discuss your concerns and desires, and he will create a customized treatment plan.

 How Do I Make a Consultation to Discuss Rhinoplasty Options?

If you would like more information regarding a rhinoplasty in Charlotte, please call (704) (704) 842-3644 or fill out the online contact form to schedule a consultation with facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh.

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