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Men Want Cosmetic Surgery, Too!

Men Want Cosmetic Surgery, Too!

Cosmetic procedures aren’t just for women anymore. The number of men undergoing invasive and non-invasive forms of cosmetic enhancement in the U.S. has grown over the years. Men now make up 13 percent of all procedures that occur in the country. Blame it on America’s youth-oriented culture or TV shows that have make it OK Seguir leyendo >>

Deviated Septum: The New Reason for a Nose Job?

Deviated Septum: The New Reason for a Nose Job?

Hollywood’s stars are privileged in many ways, one of which is the ability to stave off Father Time. How do they do it? With access to trainers, diet gurus, luxurious vacations, expensive cosmetics, and of course, world-class cosmetic surgeons. Yet many deny having had “work done” or cite excuses like a “deviated septum” for getting Seguir leyendo >>

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