The Nose Job Trend: What You Need to Know about Rhinoplasty

The nose – schnozz, beak, honker – no matter what you call it, the nose takes a distinct place as the central feature on the face. As such, it tends to get a lot of attention, which is why surgical correction of the nose is such a popular trend. Nose jobs are as common for the “commoners” as the rich and famous, and for good reason. In the right hands, rhinoplasty can create a more proportionate nose to balance and beautify the entire face. 

At Carolina Facial Plastics, I take pride in providing top-quality surgical and non-surgical procedures to my Charlotte, NC, patients to help them discover the very best version of themselves. Rhinoplasty is an extremely complex procedure, but when it is performed correctly, it can have a profound effect on a patient’s appearance. With superior care, expertise, and a fully-accredited operating facility, I help patients achieve their aesthetic goals to boost their self confidence and look their best through every season of life. 

Reasons Behind Rhinoplasty 

As an experienced, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, I have heard many reasons why patients might be considering rhinoplasty. Maybe the nose is too small, too big, too pointed, or too droopy. Perhaps it overshadows the rest of the face or puts other facial features out of balance. 

In some cases, celebrities motivate the decision, since many have come forward about their own surgeries. Former Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow have both talked about their decisions to undergo rhinoplasty. Aniston mentioned it in an interview with People in 2007, citing medical reasons for the move rather than cosmetic. After repairing her deviated septum, she told the magazine, “I slept like a baby for the first time in years.” Kudrow’s reasons for surgery were purely aesthetic, telling The Saturday Evening Post in 2013, “I went from, in my mind, hideous to not hideous.”  

Specific reasons to consider nose job surgery might include: 

Create a more Proportionate Size

nose job surgery results for a blog about reasons why people choose rhinoplasty in Charlotte, NC Too big, too small, or just right? Nose size is one of the primary reasons patients come to me for rhinoplasty. In most cases, the nose is too big and creates an imbalance with the rest of the facial features. When evaluating the size of the nose, it is important to take the entire face into consideration to ensure the finished product looks natural and proportionate.

Straighten the Nasal Bridge, Refine the Tip

Another frequent motivator for nose surgery is a crooked nasal bridge or a bridge with a bump. Crooked bridges are often the result of trauma to the nose, and they can be corrected. I can also shave down a dorsal hump to create a more attractive profile. Tips are also a common concern, often because they are too wide, drooping, or show too much nostril flare. I can correct all of these issues with the right surgical technique to create a more aesthetically pleasing nose shape.

before and after rhinoplasty results in Charlotte, NC Improve Your Appearance 

When the nose is off, the entire appearance is affected. By the same token, correction of the nose can have a profound impact on the whole face. Few procedures will boost a patient’s confidence the way a well-performed rhinoplasty can.

Treat Nose Injuries (broken noses)

Because of their location and their prominence on the face, noses can be prone to injury. You don’t have to play hockey to break your nose (even more than once, in some cases). When fractures affect the appearance or function of the nose, rhinoplasty or other nose surgeries can help restore both. 

Breath Easier 

For some patients, like Aniston, it’s all about the breathing. When the septum (the bony structure inside your nose that separates your nostrils) is crooked or deviated, the effect on your breathing can be severe. Septoplasty is a procedure that addresses this issue, straightening the septum to improve nasal function. Other surgeries are also available, depending on the specific cause of your breathing difficulties.

Choosing Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon 

As I mentioned earlier, rhinoplasty is a highly complex procedure. In fact, it may be one of the most complicated surgeries a plastic surgeon ever performs. As such, the experience, training, and skill of the surgeon you choose cannot be overstated. Don’t let any surgeon touch your nose unless they have the proper qualifications and can show you many photos of previous patients to back up their claims. 

A Complex Surgery

The nose is an intricate mix of bone and cartilage that serves as the passageway for air. Changes to the nose require repositioning, removing, augmenting, and trimming these components. Considering the overall size and intricacy of the nose, precision is a critical factor in a successful surgery. Both form and function must be preserved, even while enhancing the appearance. 

The High Need for Revisions 

It is not unusual for patients to come out of their first  nose surgery with less than stellar results. Studies show around 5-15% of patients who undergo rhinoplasty will want a revision procedure at some point. Reasons vary, but might include unrealistic expectations, complications during recovery or breathing difficulties after surgery. While revisions can happen, many are due to outdated techniques or an inexperienced surgeon, which can be prevented by choosing the right doctor for your surgery

patient before and after rhinoplasty results in Charlotte Getting the Best Result 

I often have patients come in to my plastic surgery clinic for their consultation wanting to look like their favorite celebrity. While there is nothing wrong with browsing social media to find noses you like, keep in mind that rhinoplasty is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. The best rhinoplasty for you will be the one that reshapes your nose to create a more proportionate, balanced look to your face. What looks good on someone else might not fit your face at all. I offer image morphing to my patients that allows them to “see” their new nose before undergoing surgery. This aligns my patients’ expectations and ensures I produce the result they want. 

Remarkable Care and Exceptional Results at our Plastic Surgery Clinic

Everyone at Carolina Facial Plastic in Charlotte is committed to providing patients with remarkable care and exceptional results, no matter which treatment they select. Our philosophy is to help patients discover the best version of themselves with improvements that are both natural and beautiful. 

I am double board-certified and Beverly Hills-trained, to ensure my patients receive the very best techniques and outcomes possible. I also offer liquid rhinoplasties, which use injectable fillers to produce subtle improvements. You can book your liquid rhinoplasty here. To learn more about rhinoplasty or any of the treatments we offer at our plastic surgery clinic, contact Carolina Facial Plastics today. 

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