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Cirujano Plástico Facial vs. Cirujano Plástico: ¿Cuál es la Diferencia?

Facial plastic surgeons and plastic surgeons both offer cosmetic surgery and other aesthetic procedures. However, there are distinct differences between the two. Facial plastic surgeons focus solely on procedures for the face and neck, while general plastic surgeons treat all areas of the face and body without focused training on the face or neck.

Facial plastic surgeons typically do a residency in otolaryngology, which specializes in treating the ear, nose, and throat. They then get training in facial plastic surgery to complement their expertise in facial anatomy and physiology.

Plastic surgeons begin their training in general surgery and then move to specialized training in all areas of plastic surgery. Because they typically perform many more different types of procedures, such as breast augmentation and body contouring, they do not tend to perform as many procedures specifically on the face and neck.

It is critical to understand the differences between plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons when you are trying to choose the best doctor for your procedure.

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What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery involves a vast range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures that might include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Tummy tucks
  • Body lifts
  • Arm lifts
  • Breast reduction/gynecomastia treatment
  • Face procedures like a facelift, neck lift, and eyelid surgery

Plastic surgery also includes procedures to correct congenital defects or other defects caused by injury, illness, or trauma. To become board-certified in plastic surgery, a surgeon must show expertise in six different areas, only one of which is cosmetic surgery.

For patients who need breast reconstruction after cancer surgery, want to correct a birth defect, or desire enhancements nearly anywhere on the body, a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best choice. However, if you want a more complex facial procedure like rhinoplasty, facial implants, or a facelift, there are good reasons to consider a facial plastic surgeon.

” usando Botox para relajar los músculos dinámicos que crean las arrugas; terapia con láser y exfoliaciones químicas para mejorar, fortalecer y rejuvenecer su piel; estimuladores de colágeno para fortalecer los pómulos y el mentón (si corresponde) para crear más apoyo y elevación, y rellenos dérmicos para suavizar las arrugas y los pliegues profundos. Los estiramientos faciales líquidos deben retocarse aproximadamente cada cuatro a seis meses.

Facial plastic surgery includes procedures that focus exclusively on the face and neck. Common facial plastic surgery procedures include:

  • lavado de cara
  • Brow or forehead lift
  • La rinoplastia (nose surgery)
  • estiramiento de cuello
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
  • Chin surgery
  • Los implantes faciales
  • Scar revision for the face and neck
  • Reconstructive surgery for the face and neck

Facial plastic surgeons are often board-certified in both otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery. Board certification requires a rigorous process of testing and evaluation that demonstrates a physician’s dedication to their specialty and their patients. When you choose a board-certified surgeon for your procedure, you have peace of mind in knowing your doctor has achieved the highest level of expertise and patient care.

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Why choose a facial plastic surgeon?

Facial plastic surgeons bring extensive training, experience, and expertise in face and neck procedures to the operating table. The complex anatomy of the face requires the knowledge and qualifications of a facial plastic surgeon to ensure full preservation of facial function and the best possible aesthetic results. Specialization and a higher volume of procedures can increase the chance of an excellent result by decreasing the risk of a complication.

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