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North Carolina Facial Injectable LipsThe lips are delicate, soft, and a gorgeous feature of the face, which can be easily enhanced at the Carolina Facial Plastic Surgery Center with a very minimal procedure that requires no downtime. A warm and beautiful smile can be greatly enhanced for our patients in Charlotte with the addition of volume to the lips. Lip augmentation is a straight forward, quick, and highly rewarding procedure that can greatly enhance the lips and overall facial appearance.

The lips are one of the most sensitive areas in the face and Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh, a facial plastic surgeon, wants to make any experience under his care as comfortable as possible. In the wrong hands, lip augmentation with injectable fillers can be a painful experience. Trained under the direction of the most prominent facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kulbersh centered half of his training on fillers and injectables and has coined the “Needleless Filler Technique,” a comfortable, less invasive way to inject fillers.

Lip Augmentation and Lip Enhancement in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Kulbersh

Needleless Lip Augmentation Technique

Dr. Kulbersh uses a needleless injection technique for lip augmentation that is more comfortable for his patients and minimizes trauma. In the needle-using injection, the needle is located on the end of the filler, and it is poked multiple times for each injection. Dr. Kulbersh’s needleless injection, a blunt cannula, has a similar resemblance to a needle shape except that it is rounded on the end and not sharp, which is used to inject the filler. The blunt tip pushes the tissue to the sides, thereby causing fewer traumas than a regular needle. This results in less pain, swelling, and bruising. The only time a needle is used during lip augmentation is to block the nerve and to make a tiny hole in the skin to allow the blunt cannula to go under the skin.

Lip Augmentation Before & After

Lip Fillers Charlotte

Charlotte Lip Fillers

Before and After

Lip Augmentation Before and After

Indications for Lip Augmentation:

  • Patients that have lost volume in their lips resulting in thinner lips.
  • Patients that have fine lines surrounding their lips, and the flattening of the smooth curves of the upper lip.
  • Patients that desire a curvier, fuller, and pouty lip to enhance their smile and attractiveness.


  • A nerve block is first given to the patient to numb the lips.
  • Once the lips are numb, the filler is placed into the lips with a needleless injection.
  • The lips may be numb for 20 minutes up to one hour as the nerve block wears off.
  • The lips may initially enlarge more immediately after the filler, which is a normal result.
  • The filler will last between three and six months.

In lip augmentation, the location where the injectable material is placed is most vital when performing the procedure. The proper placement of the injectable will create the most natural appearing volumized lips. Our Charlotte based facial plastic surgeon injects the fat pads of the lips to add volume. Dr. Kulbersh believes in placing his injections in the location where volume was lost. He will also inject other parts of the lips as desired and needed by each patient. Please call our office today to set up a consultation with board certified; inventor of “The Needleless Lip Augmentation,” Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh. A little lip augmentation can go a long way!

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