The Pros and Cons of Liquid Rhinoplasty

Before and After photo of asian woman. She had a liquid rhinoplasty procedure performed at our Charlotte, NC clinic. In today’s world, where updates are common and trends circulate quickly, commitment is a difficult thing to…well, commit to. And if you don’t want to even wear a brand for more than a year, imagine changing something on your face? Luckily, a non-surgical, or liquid, rhinoplasty at my practice, Carolina Facial Plastics, in Charlotte can now help you try out a new nose. 

This procedure is all the rage these days because of the lack of commitment and downtime that typically comes with a nose job. Non-surgical rhinoplasty utilizes hyaluronic-acid (HA) dermal fillers to make aesthetic improvements to a nose that may be:

  • Bumpy
  • Crooked
  • Dented
  • Droopy
  • Upturned
  • Flat or scooped at the bridge
  • Shapeless, wide, or pinched at the tip

Of course, with benefits come limitations. Finding out if a nonsurgical rhinoplasty is right for you is important so that you can find the procedure that can actually achieve your aesthetic goals. That’s why I and my team at Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, North Carolina want you to understand the pros and cons of a nonsurgical rhinoplasty.


Minimally Invasive

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is performed in our Charlotte, NC office. Minimally invasive surgeries mean faster recoveries and have a reduced risk of potential complications.

No Anesthesia 

Does not require anesthesia. Aside from a slight pinch-like feeling at the injection site, the procedure is essentially painless.

Quick Procedure and Easy Recovery

non surgical rhinoplasty before and afterA major appeal of a nonsurgical nose job is that there is no downtime. After your procedure, you can continue with your daily routine with little to no bruising or swelling. Not only are there little to no side effects, risks, or complications, but you will also be walking out of our office with your new nose. Yes, it’s that easy and the results are immediate. 

More Affordable

Surgical rhinoplasty can be expensive because of the addition of a facility and anesthesia fee, plus the cost of taking off work for the recovery period. Surgery can also have complications, when not performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, which can add a second revision rhinoplasty to the original cost. Since, as mentioned before, nonsurgical rhinoplasty is an in-office procedure that requires no anesthesia and no downtime, it is much more affordable. You can review the cost of both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty here


One of the best parts of a nonsurgical nose job is that it’s reversible, which eliminates the need for procedures to correct any complications. That means you can “try on” a new nose and, if you don’t like it, you just wait for the HA fillers to dissolve over time. Or, if you don’t want to wait, I can even dissolve the HA for you in just a few minutes.


A photo of a woman in her before and after results after a liquid rhinoplasty in Carolina Facial Plastics, located in Charlotte, NCUnrealistic Expectations

The reality is that social media is edited to perfection, which is why it’s difficult to know what’s real or not. Many people see nonsurgical rhinoplasty in the media and expect the impossible from this procedure, which only leads to disappointment. In reality, it has limitations that only a surgical rhinoplasty can accomplish. 

Only Fixes Certain Problems

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty cannot reduce nose size and cannot fix breathing problems, such as a deviated septum. Only a surgical nose job can correct issues that require modifying cartilage, such as:

    • Deviated septum
    • Twisted nose
    • Reduction of any part of the nose or the whole nose
    • Re-alignment

Temporary Results

While the reversible aspect of a liquid rhinoplasty may be a benefit, it is also a downside because you will need a yearly touch-up. That’s why some people opt for a permanent traditional rhinoplasty. 

Rhinoplasty continues to be the most popular cosmetic surgery performed each year. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a procedure that gives patients the option to try out a new nose or ease into a surgical nose job. With this procedure, you don’t have to commit to permanent results or to the time that surgery takes. 

Start Your Nose Job Trial Today

I am a rhinoplasty expert who understands the anatomy as well as the aesthetics of the nose and face. I can sculpt transform your nose with or without surgery at Carolina Facial Plastics. If you’re ready to try out your new nose before fully committing to nose job surgery, contact our office in Charlotte, NC with the online request form or call us at (704) 842-3644.

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