Charlotte’s Best Facial Plastic Surgeon Reveals His Best Facial Slimming Techniques

Facial-slimming procedures re-balance your proportions so that you have a more heart-shaped and elegant facial structure. You can choose from nonsurgical or surgical facial-slimming procedures, depending on your needs. And, of course, starting out with a nonsurgical procedure may let you “preview” your look before committing to permanent surgery. When you come to Carolina Facial Plastics in beautiful downtown Charlotte for a facial-slimming consultation, our founder Jonathan Kulbersh, MD and his team analyze your facial anatomy, including your musculature. As a two time winner of the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, Dr. Kulbersh is the doctor to trust with slimming your face.

Relax your massetersbotox injectable for facial slimming in charlotte, nc

 If your overly developed and masculine jaw is a result of tense masseter muscles — the muscles that open and close your mouth — he may recommend you for a nonsurgical Botox® facial slimming treatment.

Your expert injector — either Courtney or Heather — injects Botox directly into your bulky masseter muscles. Once the Botox takes effect, your muscles relax and your jawline does, too. Instead of a wide, squarish face, you now have a facial shape that looks more like the ideal — a heart — which tapers beautifully and femininely to your chin.

If you’ve had the habit of clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth, your Botox treatment helps with that, too. You look more natural and relaxed, and you stop over-stressing your jaw. You may find that any TMJ or other jaw pain you have resolves after Botox. You need touch-ups every 4-6 months.

Remove unnecessary buccal fat

If you have wide, overly round, or chubby cheeks, you may have large buccal fat pads. The buccal fat pads are located in the cheek area.  The best remedy for this concern is a straightforward procedure to remove the pads. Dr. Kulbersh will carefully examine the balance and proportions of your face to confirm that you would be a good candidate for a buccal fat pad excision. 

After Dr. Kulbersh removes the buccal fat pads, your face re-adjusts to the loss of volume. Your lower face looks slimmer and more elegant. Buccal fat pads serve no purpose and won’t grow back — even if you gain weight. Your re-contoured proportions are yours to keep for life — no touch-ups needed. 

Lose the double chin

Almost no type of fat is more aging than fat in the submental area (i.e., underneath your chin). Dr. Kulbersh easily removes double chins with a simple in-office liposuction procedure. Liposuction not only permanently removes excess fat from under your chin, the treatment also causes a skin-tightening effect. Your jawline will be more clearly defined, smoother, and younger-looking.

If you’re not ready for liposuction, Courtney and Heather recommend nonsurgical fat removal with Kybella® injections. To learn more about kybella, visit Each 15-minute treatment removes about 20% of fat from under your chin. You need to leave about 2 months between Kybella treatments and may need up to 5 treatments in total to get the beautifully rejuvenated, slim neckline you deserve.

Re-contour your faceInjectable fillers diagram in Charlotte, NC

Sometimes adding fat or volume to other areas of your face makes your cheeks and jaw look slimmer. Dr. Kulbersh and his staff are experts in facial proportions and anatomy. To create a slimmer overall look, they may recommend nonsurgical treatments, such as: 

  • Dermal fillers to extend the chin or strengthen the jawline
  • Fillers to restore volume to temples
  • Injectables to create high, elegant cheekbones 

You can also use dermal fillers to “audition” more permanent procedures. When you’re ready to commit to your new, slimmer look, Dr. Kulbersh can perform:

Male jaw and cheek procedures

For men, Dr. Kulbersh ensures that your masculine proportions are retained or enhanced as you improve the shape of your face and jaw. He may use a combination of buccal fat removal and chin implants to create the balance look that works for your face type, gender, and needs.

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