3 Signs of Aging Fought with Volbella

Facial Volumizer and Wrinkle TreatmentThe Juvéderm family of dermal fillers is particularly popular because the range of fillers delivers natural-looking facial wrinkle treatment results that last longer than other fillers – and without debilitating side effects. The newest member of the family is Volbella, which finally entered the U.S. market in late 2016. Designed to address issues related to aging or sun exposure around the mouth and lips, Volbella is skyrocketing in popularity.

At Carolina Facial Plastics, double board-certified Charlotte facial plastic surgeon Jonathan Kulbersh, MD and his staff are excited to add Volbella to their extensive line of medical and cosmetic products and wrinkle treatments. To learn more about how Volbella can provide a more rejuvenated appearance, consider the following common signs of aging found in your lips.

SIGN 1: Loss of Lip Volume and Shape

Many older men and women notice that their lips gradually begin to change after their 20s. Is the vermillion border, which is the defined outline of the lips that accentuates its shape, still noticeable? What about the Cupid’s bow? That’s the ‘M’ shape found in the middle of the top lip. Is it there?

Aging can cause the contours of the lips to lose shape as well as make the lips thin out. This resulting loss of shape and volume can make someone look older by creating a non-stop stern or austere appearance. Sometimes, it even makes someone appear angry. Either way, thinning lips will affect the overall facial appearance.

Juvéderm Volbella injections add life to thin lips. The contours become more shapely, the fullness natural and enticing. The vermillion border will regain definition and add a subtle allure to the smile.

SIGN 2: Mouth Lines

Trying to keep up with all the types of lines that form around the mouth can be overwhelming. Though the names may be hard to remember, unfortunately, the effects are not.

First, there are the fine lines that develop around the mouth. Perioral Lines, colloquially called smoker’s lines, form around the mouth, not as a result of smoke or nicotine but from frequently pursing the lips. That’s why a non-smoker can still get smoker’s lines.

Next, are the lines that develop from the corners of the mouth to the chin. If they are moderate to severe, they can create the appearance of a marionette, hence the term marionette lines. This can really age one’s appearance.

Finally, there’s the down-turned mouth, which is when the mouth corners sag over time because the skin below and around the mouth loses moisture and firmness.

Volbella dermal fillers can improve all of these issues. As a fine line and wrinkle treatment, Volbella is effective for erasing those unsightly smoker’s lines. For marionette lines, the dermal filler reduces the appearance of the lines and rejuvenates the skin. As for that permanent frown, Volbella can help correct the sagging corners.

Our patients in Charlotte are impressed with Volbella results. The areas around the mouth appear plumper, more supple, and youthful-looking.

SIGN 3: Facial Volume Loss

Because the Juvéderm family is an effective wrinkle treatment for the lip and mouth area, it’s common to forget that some of the Juvéderm products address other areas of the face.

Volbella is a non-surgical, non-scarring facial volumizer. With age, the face loses volume resulting in less facial balance and harmony.

Thankfully, Volbella is a versatile facial injectable and wrinkle treatment. It can be used to define the cheeks, fill hollow temples, or augment the jawline.

The Volbella injections appear to lift the skin, and the effects are subtle, soft, and amazing. The face seems refreshed and the overall facial appearance is brighter and more youthful.

How Does Volbella Do It?

The Vycross technology is the secret to Volbella’s success. It delivers long-lasting results and natural-looking effects because Volbella does not absorb as much water as other dermal fillers do. This means less swelling and fewer complications.

Learn more about Volbella and other Juvéderm facial fillers at fda.gov

Find Out More about Juvéderm Injectables at Carolina Facial Plastics

Dr. Kulbersh’s skills and experience, honed and refined under the study of some of the most prominent facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, puts him among the most in-demand facial plastic surgeons in the country. Such skill is imperative when choosing to undergo cosmetic facial treatment of any kind.

To learn more about Juvéderm Volbella, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kulbersh at Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte today by visiting online or calling 704.842.3644.

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