The Locations of Fat in the Face and How I Use This Information with Facial Fillers

Why is knowledge of anatomy important when injecting facial fillers in Charlotte?

All surgeons must master the human anatomy before they can operate.  In facial plastic surgery, the difference of a few millimeters can be the difference between good and great results.

There are many options for facial fillers (Restylane, Perlane, Juvéderm, Sculptra) in Charlotte.  As a facial cosmetic surgeon, I believe a mastery of the facial anatomy is a per-requisite for using facial fillers.  I use my knowledge of the facial fat compartments while injecting facial fillers, and believe that this knowledge is the difference between mediocre and great results.

What is my unique approach to using facial fillers?

The standard approach is to inject a facial filler to fill a specific line.  This is most commonly done to fill “smile lines” in Charlotte.  While this may be the result some patients are looking for, I believe there are better ways to inject which produce an even better outcome.  All young people have smile lines and I believe overfilling them produces unnatural looking results.

In my opinion, fillers should be used to fill in areas of the face that have lost volume.  We know that a loss of fat in specific compartments of the face is one aspect that contributes to facial aging.  The different compartments are:


When I analyze a face for possible filler injections, I look to fill the specific fat departments that have lost volume.  When volume is replaced from the location where it was lost, it creates the best results for my patients.  I can also fill different fat pads to help correct areas of concern for my patients.

What should patients be asking when considering facial fillers in Charlotte?

Often patients will ask what the best facial filler is for their specific situation.  While there are many different fillers, different locations in the face to use those facial fillers, and many different techniques for injections, I believe the most important part of using facial fillers in Charlotte is choosing the most qualified injector.

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