How to Choose a Rhinoplasty Specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina

Rhinoplasty CharlotteResearch is the fundamental key to be able to make an informed decision.  We make decisions every day.  Some decisions are mundane and others are important.  The decision to undergo elective or voluntary surgery is an important decision.  When that surgery is going to be performed on the face, we believe it increases the importance of the decision.   In this blog, we are going to explain the steps a patients should take when choosing a rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte.

Seek a Rhinoplasty Specialist

In order to be a specialist, you have to be specialized.  In choosing a surgeon for rhinoplasty, a patient should seek a doctor that truly specializes in nasal function and aesthetics.  One set of specialist are facial plastic surgeons.  A facial plastic surgeon only focuses and performs procedures on the face.  They do not perform breast augmentations, tummy tucks, or any other procedure that is below the neck.  All of their focus is on the treatment of the face.

Generally speaking, facial plastic surgeons have specific and unique training.  The overwhelming majority of facial plastics surgeons have the following training background:

1)     4 years of medical school

2)     5 years of head and neck surgery training (the laymen term is ENT training)

3)     1 year of super specialized training on facial aesthetics (Fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery)

The 5 years of head and neck surgery are what a facial plastic surgeon needs to understand the complex functions of the nose including:

a)     Breathing

b)     Smell

c)     Humidification of air

d)     Cleaning of air

During a rhinoplasty, we believe understanding these functions allow facial plastic surgeons to tailor the operation to maximize functional results.   If patients are seeking improvement of breathing during their rhinoplasty, this knowledge is invaluable.  This training also allows for extensive experience in the causes and treatments of nasal obstruction.  This may or may not include medical treatment as well as surgical treatments.

In addition to specialized training, patients need to look at the common procedures of their prospective nose job surgeons.  Patients should seek a surgeon that commonly performs rhinoplasties.  A plastic surgeon that only performs a few rhinoplasties a year would not be the ideal candidate.

Research the Rhinoplasty Experience of the Facial Plastic Surgeon

The overall rhinoplasty experience of the surgeon should be investigated.   Some common questions that would be important to ask:

1)     How much of their training was dedicated to rhinoplasty?

2)     How often does the surgeon perform nose jobs?

3)     How many rhinoplasties have they performed?

Check the Surgeon’s Nasal Aesthetic

Nasal aesthetics can vary from surgeon to surgeon.  During a rhinoplasty consultation, imaging morphing should be completed to assess the surgeon’s aesthetic viewpoint.  During the imaging morphing, a patient can get a sense if the surgeon has similar aesthetic views.

Look At Before and After Pictures

Reviewing the before and after rhinoplasty pictures of the rhinoplasty surgeon will give patients additional information on the surgeons aesthetic.  Some questions we would ask while reviewing the before and after pictures are:

1)     Are the results natural?

2)     Do all the noses look the same after surgery?  If so, would I want my nose to look like that?

3)     If the noses do not look the same, was the surgery properly tailored to create a nose that fits the face?

4)     Does the surgeon perform ethnic rhinoplasties?

5)     Does the surgeon perform revision rhinoplasties?

A rhinoplasty specialist that performs revision rhinoplasties has unique insight on the rhinoplasty surgery.   A surgeon that is able to identify and repair a previous surgeon’s mistakes, will have the knowledge not to make those same mistakes themselves.  During these procedures, a surgeon can identify what went wrong in the initial surgery and use this knowledge for the betterment of their patients.

The Rhinoplasty Consultation

The consultation is an important step in choosing a rhinoplasty specialist.  It allows you the opportunity to spend time with your prospective surgeon.  This gives the patient a chance to check out the surgeon.  Your consultation experience will be a small window in the overall rhinoplasty experience.  Some items I would pay attention to:

1)     Does the surgeon listen to me?

2)     Does the surgeon take his time?

3)     Can the surgeon adequately communicate?

4)     How was I treated by the office staff?

5)     Was the office clean and professional?

Follow Your Gut

If a patient has completed all steps as described above, then they should have enough information to make an educated decision in choosing a rhinoplasty specialist to perform their surgery.  A common saying is to follow your “gut”.  After a patient has completed their research, we suggest they follow their “gut”.

Why Choose Dr. Kulbersh for Your Rhinoplasty in Charlotte, North Carolina?

A patient chooses Dr. Kulbersh as their rhinoplasty surgeon because:

1)     He completed 4 years of medical school

2)     He completed 5 years of head and neck surgery

3)     He completed a fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in Beverly Hills

4)     His fellowship had extensive experience in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and ethnic rhinoplasty

5)     He commonly performs rhinoplasties

6)     He has natural results

7)     He is honest and truthful to his patients

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