Simple Guide to Getting the Most Beautiful and Natural Looking Wedding Day Face

Sara, my patient care coordinator at Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, was recently married.   Three months prior to her wedding, we came up with an affordable and natural looking plan to get her face looking great for her big day.  Sara is in her mid-twenties and is already a beautiful woman, but I came up with a plan to enhance her natural beauty.

The plan initiated 3 months before her wedding.  Sara was using good skin care products, but she wanted to take it to the next level to make sure her skin was glowing.  She changed her regime to a combination of Image Skin Products.  For her skin type she was using:


–          Ormedic Face Wash

–          Vital C Hydrating Serum

–          Max Eye Cream

–          Daily Defense Matte Sunscreen and Moisturizer Combo


–          Total Facial Cleanser

–          Max Facial Cream

–          Max Eye Cream

For the wedding day, we really wanted to make her eyes pop.  Her plan was a combination of Latisse and Botox.  It takes 16 weeks to get a full correction using Latisse.  Sara used the product for 12 weeks and got her desired results.  The effects of Latisse were clearly evident as her eyelashes grew longer became thicker.

As a Charlotte Botox expert, we chose to inject Botox 1 month before the wedding date.  This ensured enough time for the best results.  It was used to soften the wrinkles between her eyes and the horizontal lines on her forehead.  The Botox was also used to give her a subtle browlift that made her eyes appear more open, vibrant, and awake.   In her case, it was important to use a conservative dose of Botox as I wanted to ensure she was able to make all of her facial expressions.  The facial expressions caught on film during the wedding are priceless, and I wanted to ensure that those moments were captured.

As a Charlotte facial cosmetic surgeon, I take great joy working with brides to enhance their natural beauty.  Depending on the age and goals of the patient, I work with them to create a plan to have them looking their best on their special day.


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