Steps Dr. Kulbersh Takes To Ensure Nasal Scars Heal Well

rhinoplasty results after healingDuring a rhinoplasty, it is sometimes necessary to make an incision on the skin of the face. The incisions are either made in the columella, the small area of skin between the right and left nostrils, and/or at the junction where the nose meets the cheeks.  The columellar incision is made during an open rhinoplasty and the incision at the junction of the nose and the cheeks is made in patients seeking to narrow wide nostrils.

Anytime an incision is made on the face, a scar forms as part of the normal healing process. As a rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh’s job is to ensure the scars heal as best as possible so they are not visible.

4 Tips for Improving Scar Healing

There are a few techniques he uses to ensure great looking scars.

1)  When a columellar incision is performed, it is not straight, but it is made as a series of irregular lines.  After healing, this irregular line is not easily picked up by the human eye.

2)  The incisions are closed with numerous small stitches to ensure the two sides are symmetrical approximated.  Skin that is accurately approximated by meticulous stitches will heal better.

3)  After surgery, Dr. Kulbersh ensures that the incisions are kept moist.  Moist incisions heal better and faster than dry incisions.

4)  2 weeks after surgery, Dr. Kulbersh has his patients begin to use a special scar cream, Biocornuem, to create the best environment for the incision to heal.  Dr. Kulbersh has patients use this scar cream for a few weeks until the incisions is almost invisible.

As an expert rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte with an extensive knowledge in facial plastics, Dr. Kulbersh understands that no detail is too small.  Having a surgeon focused on the small details of the nose will ensure the best chance of a successful outcome, happy patient, and a happy rhinoplasty surgeon.

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