Is it Safe to Have a Chin Implant with Filler Already Injected into the Chin?

Many patients often ask me if it is safe to have a chin implant implanted when there is currently filler in the chin area.  As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, it is safe to have a chin implant with filler in your chin.  My one concern is that it might be difficult to choose the correct size implant. If filler is currently augmenting your chin, then it might be hard to choose the correct size chin implant.  If a chin implant is placed inside the chin while there is filler, as the filler re-absorbs, the chin may begin to look small.

If  hyaluranic acid fillers such as Juvéderm, Restylane, and Perlane were used for non-surgical chin augmentation, they can be dissolved by the injections of a medication.  Sculptra or Radiesse are also commonly used as fillers to augment the chin.   These substance cannot be removed.

There are some advantages to undergo a surgical chin implant opposed to recieving injections in the chin, which might appear similar to the look of an implant:

–  The implant is permanent

–  The implant does not require repeat treatment

–  The implant, over-time, will cost less than a lifetime of injections of fillers

I believe fillers in the chin can be a great non-surgical option for a patient that wants to see possible results of a chin implant.  Fillers can be placed in the chin, and the patient can see if they like their appearance of a larger chin.  A larger chin will also improve the neck line and jowls.  If patients are adverse to surgery, repeat injections of facial fillers to augment the chin are a great option.

As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, augmentation of the chin can be a powerful tool in creating better proportions in the face.  It can enhance a patients natural beauty of the face in a safe manner.


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