Do You Have A Deviated Septum?

stock image of a woman for blog page about deviated septum symptoms in Charlotte, NC Breathing is an essential function in life.  We have two passageways to breathe, our nose and mouth.  Anatomically speaking, the nose is a smaller passageway and therefore more prone to develop narrowing in the area.

If the nasal airway is narrowed then people develop nasal obstruction. One of most common reasons patients have difficulty breathing is secondary to a deviated septum.

What is the Septum?

The nose has two sides or openings that are separated by a wall in the middle.  The wall separating the two openings of the nose is the septum.  The septum is composed of cartilage and bone.  It plays a vital role in the support of the nose.

What does it Mean if the Doctor says the Septum is Deviated?

A normal septum is straight in a vertical direction in the nose.  If the septum is not straight then it would be deviated to either the right, left or both sides in the nostrils.

How Can a Facial Plastic Surgeon Identify a Deviated Septum?

As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, Dr Kulbersh can identify a deviated septum a number of ways:

  1. During an in person examination, he can look inside the nose to visualize the septum.  On visual exam, the septum can be seen to identify a deviation.
  2. Using a small telescope, the inside of the nose can be visualized to see the back part of the septum.  This is helpful in identifying a septal deviation that is not in the front area of the nose.
  3. A CT or CAT scan can be completed to visualize the septum.  It is accurate on identifying the degree and location of the septal deviation.

What are the Symptoms of a Deviated Septum?

The symptoms of a deviated septum are:

  1. Difficulty breathing through the nose
  2. Chronic sinus infection
  3. Crooked nose on the outside

Are There Other Causes of Nasal Obstruction?

Breathing through the nose is a complex function.  There are many possible causes of nasal obstruction.  Dr. Kulbersh places them in 2 general categories:

Medical Causes

  1. Chronic Allergies
  2. Chronic Sinusitis

Anatomical Causes—The Nasal Airway is Narrowed

  1. Deviated septum
  2. Turbinate hypertrophy
  3. Narrowed nasal valve
  4. Drooping nasal tip

How is a Deviated Septum Corrected?

A deviated septum is corrected by a brief nose surgery called a septoplasty.  During a septoplasty, the part of the septum that is deviated is removed.  During the removal, a portion of the septum is left untouched to insure the nose has proper support.  During a septoplasty, cartilage and/or bone are removed.  The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

How Long is the Recovery after a Septoplasty?

The recovery after a septoplasty is rather quick.  There is very little pain after the surgery.  The main complaint with patients after the surgery is difficulty breathing through the nose for the first week.  This can create a dry and scratchy throat.

To prevent throat irritation, we recommend patients placing a humidifier in their room.  Patients may or may not have a small silicone splint in their nose for one week.  All of the incisions are inside of the nose and all of the stiches are dissolvable.  Exercise can be resumed two weeks after surgery. 

Are a Septoplasty and a Nose Job the Same Thing?

No, a septoplasty only corrects the deviation of the septum.  It should have little to no effect on the appearance of the nose.  During a nose job, the appearance or shape of the nose is changed to bring the nose into harmony with the face.

What Types of Doctors Perform Septoplasties?

Generally speaking there are 3 types of physicians that commonly perform septoplasties.  They are:

  1. ENT/Otolaryngologist
  2. Facial Plastic Surgeons
  3. Rhinoplasty Experts

Fortunately, Dr. Kulbersh is a board certified ENT/Otolaryngologist, fellowship trained in facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, and is a Rhinoplasty expert.

Why Choose Charlotte Septoplasty Expert Dr. Kulbersh for Your Surgery?

Dr. Kulbersh is a nasal surgery expert and commonly performs septoplasty surgery with great success.  Dr. Kulbersh’s boutique medical practice provides the “Four Seasons” of medical care for the patient that still believes in personalized healthcare.

Dr. Kulbersh understands that patients want an experience with a little pain and discomfort as possible with the quickest recovery.  Since he is a facial plastic surgeon, he has used his knowledge and experience from his cosmetic practice to create the best experience and results after surgery possible.

How Do I Schedule a Consultation with Septoplasty Surgeon Dr. Kulbersh?

Dr. Kulbersh has a plastic surgery clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Patients can schedule a consultation by calling (704) 842-3644 or filling out the online contact form.

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