Top Secret Wrinkle Causing Routines

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We’re all aware of some of the major causes that bring early and unwanted wrinkles to our face such as sun exposure, not enough sleep, and caffeine. However, there are several habits that you may not realize can create wrinkles on your face. In this blog, I share some of the lesser-known habits with my patients in Charlotte that cause wrinkles on the face.

1. Stress

We have all heard the saying “Don’t make a sad face because it could  stay that way.” Although this is an old wives tale, there may be some truth to the statement. Because stress can cause a person to become worrisome and frown, the muscles in your face can actually conform to those movements, leading to marionette lines around the lips, crow’s feet around the eyes, and even 11 lines in the middle of your forehead. One of the best ways to prevent stress-induced facial aging is to be aware of your level of stress. If you begin to feel stressed, try to relax by taking a deep breath, meditating,  or exercising.

2. Wearing Contacts

You’re probably thinking, “How in the world can wearing contacts cause my face to wrinkle?” Think about this—the average contact user puts contacts in their eyes and takes them out multiple times each day. When this takes place, the skin around your eyes becomes overly stretched due to the constant pulling mechanism of the skin around your eyelid, which in turn can lead to wrinkles. If you’re beginning to appreciate wrinkles around your eyes and are a contact wearer, an easy and ideal treatment to fix crow’s feet is Botox, which I can inject in my office for my patients in Charlotte. Botox helps to relax the muscles around the eyes, making it difficult for the muscles to move and causing excess wrinkling.

3. Rubbing Your Face With A Towel

We’ve all done it—sometimes we’re running late in the morning, and our only choice is to wash our face quickly and dry our skin even faster. However, constantly rubbing our faces with towels can cause the skin to stretch out and become wrinkled, especially in fragile areas under the eyes. Next time you wash your face, make sure you pat your skin dry with the towel—no more rubbing!

Learn More About Fighting Wrinkles Today

If you’re beginning to experience wrinkles on your face, they very well could be a result of the secret wrinkle-causing habits discussed in this blog! At Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, my number one goal is to help patients achieve a natural and healthy look through customized treatments, which allow a more youthful appearance to be shown. To learn how injectables like Botox and facial fillers might be good to help stop the signs of aging that you’re experiencing, I encourage you to contact my medical practice today to schedule your initial consultation by calling (704) 842-3644. As a board-certified head and neck surgeon, I have a unique knowledge of the importance of bringing facial harmony to my patients through understanding aesthetic and functionality goals.

To learn more about Botox and facial fillers in Charlotte, please contact Carolina Facial Plastics today.

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