Injectable Fillers – Are They Used to Simply Fill Lines, Replace Lost Facial Volume, or Both?

The use of the facial fillers Restylane, Perlane, Juvéderm, and Radiasse in the treatment of the aging face has exploded over the past 5 years in Charlotte and Columbia.  Restylane, Perlane, and Juvéderm are composed of hyaluronic acid, while Radiasse is composed  of calcium hydroxyappetite (all of these products are natural substances made by your body).  All of these products have unique features that are explained on my website.  Fillers are now more popular than ever due to their ability to create a subtle refreshed facial appearance in a safe manner.

The loss of facial volume is one major contribution to an aging appearance of the face.  The loss of facial volume does contribute to the formation of wrinkles, but in my opinion, it more importantly changes the topography of the face.  A young face reflects light and has smooth transitions from one area of the face to another.  In an aged face, there are many “hills and valleys” that create many facial shadows.  The use of fillers in the face help create more highlights and smoother transitions from one area of the face to another, which will ultimately create a younger looking appearance.  The techniques to create this outcome are the “art” of facial plastic surgery and cannot be learned at a weekend course.  I believe the ability to analyze facial topography and the correct placement of fillers will differentiate good outcomes from great outcomes.

Fillers can also be used to simply fill deep smile lines and other wrinkles in the face.  This may be appropriate for some patients, but if that is the only technique of the injector, the patient is not going to get the full benefit of these products.  With two years of training in Beverly Hills, this skill and technique is one of the greatest differentiators between myself and other general plastic surgeons.

Carolina Facial Plastics has two offices, one near Southpark Mall in Charlotte and the other in Irmo, South Carolina.  I would love the opportunity to discuss the possible role of fillers in your personalized treatment plan.

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh is a Board-Certified Head and Neck Surgeon and fellowship trained in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.  His practice, Carolina Facial Plastics, sees patients in his offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina serving the Southpark, Meyers Park, Eastover, Ballentyne, Huntersville, Irmo and Lexington areas.

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