There Are Many Motivations Behind Undergoing Facial Plastic Surgery

Stereotypically, facial plastic surgery has been solely considered to be about personal vanity, which is not true.  The human desire for self improvement is a central instinct in all of us, and patients seeking facial plastic surgery are usually looking to improve some aspect of their appearance.

Undergoing a facial cosmetic surgery procedure as a means to improve physical traits is not much different than getting braces to straighten teeth or exercising to alter an appearance.  Facial cosmetic surgery has its associated risks, but I do believe there are similar motives behind getting braces and exercising to change a body shape as there are for electing plastic surgery procedures.  So why is it so common to consider one vain who elects to undergo cosmetic surgery?  The desire to be physically attractive is normal.

In 2005, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons conducted a survey to study the motivations people had for facial cosmetic surgery and their demographics.  Not surprising to me,  patients of all socioeconomic classes are interested and undergo cosmetic procedures.

Younger cosmetic plastic surgery candidates commonly seek cosmetic modifications of their nose, such as rhinoplasty, or non-invasive procedures such as Botox or injectable facial fillers. Other patients seek procedures to reverse the effects of aging such as facelifts, brow-lifts, or blepharoplasties (eye surgery)  Patients of all ages should take good care of their skin with medical grade products and should always wear sunscreen.

In the same study, patients that were interested in facial cosmetic surgery were interviewed and asked about their motivations. Many of these patients were deeply bothered by a physical feature. They wanted cosmetic surgery because they believed it would provide emotional, psychological, or social improvements.

As a practicing Charlotte and Columbia based facial cosmetic surgeon, I would love the opportunity to help my patients understand their options for treating their concerns.  If a patient has the correct mindset and motivation, it can be a rewarding experience for both the patient and surgeon alike.  The root of the matter is our self-confidence and self-confidence comes from your self-judgment.

If you are considering facial cosmetic surgery, I recommend all patients carefully consider the risks and costs of surgery in order to be confident about your decision.  Facial plastic surgery and other minimally invasive procedures of the face can be a positive and satisfying experience.


Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh is a Board-Certified Head and Neck Surgeon and fellowship trained in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.  His practice, Carolina Facial Plastics, sees patients in his offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina serving the Southpark, Meyers Park, Eastover, Ballentyne, Huntersville, Irmo and Lexington areas.

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