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Woman Seeks To Have Largest Breast In the World!

A Florida woman has already begun arranging an appointment to visit her plastic surgeon to undergo her thirteenth breast procedure.  The woman is determined to have the largest breasts in the world. Currently an L-cup, she is the mother of twelve children, and would like her breast size to be a Triple- M.  For good reason, her children state that they are very concerned with their mothers health and well-being.

World's Largest Augmented Breasts

As a cosmetic surgeon in Charlotte, patients that continue to have plastic surgery may have a phycological disorder.  Most commonly, patients may have body dysmorphic disorder.  In these patients, no matter how good the outcome of the surgery, they are not happy because their displeasure with their body is a physiological disorder.  I would have a hard time doing another surgery on any patient that had 13 previous surgeries for the same concern or how unbelievably unnatural she appears.


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