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What is the Hottest Facial Plastic Surgery Trend Right Now?

Most people commonly think of facelifts, eyelifts and nose jobs when thinking about facial plastic surgery.  In reviewing this past year’s trends on facial plastic surgery, the hottest procedure in facial plastic surgery was a chin implant!  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin implant procedures have increased by 71% over the last year.  Many believe this is secondary to the advent of Facetime and Skype.  For the first time, people are frequently looking at themselves on video and on social media sites.  The position of these cameras will accentuate a weak chin or fatty tissue in the neck area.  Both of these issues can be treated with a short 45-minute chin implant procedure that can be done in our outpatient surgery center in Charlotte.  A chin implant will not only create a stronger chin, but it will improve the neckline.  In many cases, I will combine neck liposuction with a chin implant to create the best results for my Charlotte patients.


To view a video of Dr. Kulbersh explaining how Facetime is causing the rise of chin implants, click here.

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