Most Common Facial Plastic Surgeries

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As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, I commonly get asked two questions:

  1. What are the most common facial plastic surgery procedures you perform?
  2. What are the most common facial plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States?

My practice is specialized to focus only on surgeries of the face and neck, and I perform a high-volume of facial plastic surgery procedures on a yearly basis. In this blog, I will give honest answers on common procedures that I perform in my practice and compare them with the most common facial plastic surgery procedures in the United States. Finally, I’ll explain why I think these procedures have the most demand.

dermal filler patient in charlotte, ncThe top six facial plastic surgery procedures I perform at Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte:

  1. Rhinoplasty/Revision Rhinoplasty
  2. Facelift/Neck Lift
  3. Eyelid Lift/Blepharoplasty
  4. Forehead Lift
  5. Facial Fat Grafting
  6. Chin/Mandibular Implants

At my practice, the two most common procedures I perform are rhinoplasty and facelifts. Depending on the month, rhinoplasties can be the most common procedure or it could be facelifts. This has to do with the timing of the year as many patients undergoing rhinoplasties tend to be younger. This younger patient population tends to have a rhinoplasty procedure done during school breaks and during the summer. Facelift patients tend to have their procedures more evenly spaced throughout the year.

The reasons why I believe these are the most common procedures I perform are:

  1. Rhinoplasties have become dominated by my subspecialty of facial plastic surgery. I believe that I have the premier facial plastic surgery practice in Charlotte, and people undergoing rhinoplasties want to have somebody who is specialized in the face and is associated with a high-volume rhinoplasty practice. Additionally, I have a strong reputation both online and in the community for natural results after a rhinoplasty.
  2. In regards to facelifts, many of the same reasons as mentioned above are why this is a common procedure in my practice.  This includes the subspecialty training and the high-volume of completing these procedures. Additionally, I developed a reputation for a natural facelift. I think another reason why I do a high-volume of facelifts is that this patient population appreciates the extra level of care that I provide in my recovery center. My recovery center offers patients a place to stay after surgery with a private nurse to aid in the healing process. This is wonderful for patients that do not want to rely on family or their friends while recovering from surgery or just want a luxurious experience.
  3. I see many patients for mini-facelifts in the early stages of aging, and I can complete this procedure without having people undergoing general anesthesia.  The ability to offer this option increases the number of facelifts that I perform on a yearly basis.

What are the top facial plastic surgery procedures performed nationwide?lower blepharoplasty patient in charlotte, nc

  1. Rhinoplasty
  2. Eyelid lift/blepharoplasty
  3. Facelifts
  4. Forehead lifts
  5. Chin augmentation

How do my top procedures compare with the national trends?

My practice closely mimics the most common procedures done in facial plastic surgery nationwide. There are some interesting differences. I commonly perform facial fat grafting alone as well as in conjunction with other surgical procedures. I believe the face ages in a three-dimensional fashion that is secondary to volume loss. For this reason, I commonly perform facial fat grafting to account for this aspect of the aging process. I believe that facial fat grafting can take a good result and make it great by addressing the volume loss associated with aging.

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Why are these the most common facial plastic surgery procedures in the United States?

The nose is the center of the face. If the nose does not fit or blend with the surrounding facial features, it can have a dramatic effect on one’s self-image and self-worth. For this reason, I believe rhinoplasty is the most common facial plastic surgery procedure. It is obvious that bringing the nose into harmony with the rest of the face can have a dramatic improvement in one’s self-esteem.

The most obvious area of the face that gives away one’s age is the loss of angulation and definition along the neck and jawline. I believe patients notice this over time, and they believe that this appearance does not reflect how they feel on the inside. For this reason, this is why I think facelifts are the second most common facial plastic surgery procedure in the United States.

The eyes portray a lot of our facial nonverbal communication. As the eyes begin to droop and develop bags, it gives the illusion of fatigue, even if we had a great night’s sleep. When this occurs, people commonly get asked if they are tired.  When this begins to happen, people seek options to improve the aesthetics of the eye. This is why I believe blepharoplasty is the third most common facial plastic surgery procedure in the United States.

How have the trends been changing over the years at Carolina Facial Plastics?

There have been some interesting trends in the surgical volume at Carolina Facial Plastics:

  1. We opened our new all-inclusive center that includesan AAAASF surgical suite and anovernight recovery center approximately two years ago. Since the opening of this new facility, we have seen a dramatic increase in the overall number of procedures we have completed.
  2. In the last two years, I have seen a large increase in the number of facelifts that I perform. Two years ago I would’ve said that rhinoplasty was the most common procedure that I performed, but now I would say that both rhinoplasty and facelifts are the most common procedures that I complete.
  3. Some other surgeries that are trending to become more common over the past two years include lip lifts, custom mandibular implants, and mini facelifts under local anesthesia.

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This is the first time I looked at comparing my surgical volume in relation to the national average. I found it interesting that I closely mirror what’s happening nationwide. I think it shows that I have a well-rounded practice and our practice has a diverse patient base that is reflective of the nation. When I think about that, I feel proud to know that we’ve created a center that has been welcoming and successful for everyone. To learn more about facial plastic surgery procedures, visit

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