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Minimally Invasive Brow Lift Brought from Beverly Hills to Charlotte

During my training in Beverly Hills, I developed a new minimally invasive brow lifting technique with my mentor Dr. Guy Massry.  Recently, our work has been presented, reviewed, and has had positive outcomes for our patients.

This minimally invasive procedure, known as the external browpexy, requires a small incision at the top of the brow that heals wonderfully and is hidden by the eyebrow.  When compared to other types of brow lifts, including endoscopic, coronal, and direct, this procedure is shorter, more affordable, requires a briefer downtime, and may have less scarring and fewer complications.  We commonly combine this procedure with an upper eye lift, upper blepharoplasty, or other rejuvenating procedures around the eye.  Dr. Massry and I are very proud to have developed this procedure as it is a wonderful option for patients seeking a safe, fast, and minimally invasive browlift with great results.

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