Things You Should Prepare Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

Charlotte Rhinoplasty ExpertThere are many aspects that are important to ensure the best possible outcome from a rhinoplasty.  As a nose job expert in Charlotte, we believe one of the most important steps a patient can do to ensure a great outcome is to make sure they are adequately prepared before the surgery.  In this blog, our goal is to explain items and steps patients should take in the months to weeks leading up to their rhinoplasty.

One of the most important things patients must know before undergoing a rhinoplasty, is that there should not be any nicotine products in their blood system before surgery.  Nicotine can have detrimental effects on the results of a rhinoplasty.  We specifically state the importance of not having nicotine, which might not mean to just stop smoking.  Quitting smoking before undergoing a rhinoplasty might not be adequate.  If a patient stops smoking tobacco but is using a substance to help them stop smoking such as nicotine patches or gum, they are placing themselves at risk when undergoing a nose job.  The dangerous chemical is nicotine.

Nicotine damages the capillaries or smallest blood vessels of the nose.  It may prevent adequate blood flow to the nose that may delay or even prevent healing.   At the worst case, nicotine can cause part of the skin of the nose to die.  This would be a disastrous result that would result in a less than ideal outcome.

For these reasons, patients considering a rhinoplasty must be off of nicotine products from anywhere between 3 weeks to 9 month depending on a couple of factors.  The following qualities will require patients to be off of nicotine products longer:

1)     Long history of smoking

2)     Heavy use of nicotine on a daily basis

3)     Revision Rhinoplasty

4)     Patients with thin nasal skin

There are products or foods that we eat that can thin our blood.  When our blood is thin, it can cause more bleeding during a nose job resulting in:

1)     Increased bruising

2)     Increased difficulty of surgery for your surgeon

3)     Increased operating time

For these reasons, we have a handout of all of the medications and foods that we want patients to avoid before surgery.  The list is too extensive to include in this blog, but we will list a few of the most common items that thin the blood.  They are:

–        Aspirin and all aspirin containing products

–        Vitamin E

–        Fish Oil

–        Red Wine

–        Fish

–        A variety of other supplements

We recommend patients prevent the use of the above products two weeks before their surgery.  If aspirin is taken for pain relief, we recommend Tylenol or Acetaminophen for the weeks leading up to surgery.

There are natural supplements that help swelling and bruising resolve after a rhinoplasty in North Carolina.  The natural supplements that I believe aid in the healing process are:

1)     Arnica Montana

2)     Bromelin

We will have our patients start these supplements before surgery and continue them during their recovery.

During the first week after surgery, we want patients to have rest comfortably at home without worrying about their supplies required for their care.  A list of all required supplies and medications are given to patients two weeks before their nose job.  It is strongly recommend that patients have all of the supplies in their possession before surgery.

As a rhinoplasty expert in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Kulbersh knows it can be difficult to breathe out the nose after surgery.  Mouth breathing can cause the throat to become dry, scratchy, and irritated because the throat becomes dry.  For these reasons, we recommend patients purchase a humidifier before surgery for their use during the first week after surgery.

During the recovery after a rhinoplasty, it is suggested that patients sleep with their head elevated.  This is best achieved by sleeping in a recliner or with the head propped up on a couple of pillows.  We would suggest that patients take a nap in these two positions to compare their quality of sleep.  Whichever position is more comfortable, we would have that area set up to be your “home base” after your nose job.

While we encourage our patients to get out of the house after a rhinoplasty, it is most common that patients stay in the house while the splint remains on the nose.  After a week at home, patients sometimes complain of “cabin fever”.  For these reasons, we would have as many projects or forms of entertainment to keep a patient busy during the first week.  Patients will be able work on the computer, read, and do light projects.  If a patient was interested in composing a book or planning their trip around the world, this would be a great time.

Good nutrition is important to help speed along the recovery; we suggest that patients have the house full of healthy foods such as, protein, vitamins, and nutrients to eat during their healing.

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To ensure the best possible outcome from a rhinoplasty, preparation before the surgery is important.  It ensures that patients have a smooth, fast, and comfortable recovery.  As a Beverly Hills trained rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Kulbersh offers comprehensive consultations at our office in Charlotte, North Carolina.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call (704) 842-3644 or fill out the Contact Form on the website.

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